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Day 2

by captain on September 1st, 2011

The advantage once you’ve worked somewhere where you feel respected, appreciated, and valued financially is you definately know when you’re not.   I feel sorry for the people I work with here who get beat down all day and school year long and have nothing positive to balance it out.   I guess really it’s more of a double edge sword.  On the one hand getting beat down each day over and over with nothing else puts you in a mode of acceptance where you just numbly deal with things.  When you KNOW there are better ways to be treated and a more civil way of working you have a much harder time putting up with the B.S. 

I go from a place where the students WANT to learn, ask questions, say thank you and appreciate you, even TIP me on occassion, buy me dinner or lunch and keep in contact to show me what they learned and are learning.  It’s why people go into education.  It FEELS good to be appreciated.  Here I have to tell kids they can’t make out in class, and that I’d rather not know about the security system they have for their pot garden.   It makes me a more depressed for the future of our country.  The prison population isn’t going to dwindle any time soon…there are PLENTY of future criminals out there.  It’s not all their fault, but we’re not allowed to blame their parents for it…it’s our  fault.

If we were more engaging, and interesting the kids would learn.  I’m sorry but that’s not the case.  I know with a good degree of certainty I’m a pretty engaging personality.  I speak at colleges, and for different groups all over the place.  I had over 80 people show up to listen to a slide talk I put on.  The problem here isn’t me, it’s that the kids would rather listen to rapping clowns and talk about how many drugs and shots they can ingest on a weekend.   I can’t compete with rapping clowns. 

half this school is deeply invested mentally in some kind of world ending conspiracy theory.   They really believe the world is out to get them.  I think their severe low mental abilitites are far more to blame for their place in life as opposed to a deep level governement conspiracy trying to keep down the apathetic and ignorant.

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