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by captain on November 2nd, 2010

Being a public educator has a few advantages…1) it’s a job…and in this economy, well that’s something.  2) There is medical insurance…even though I pay out my hind-end for it…I still have it.  I pay a lot.  However, it’s been taken out of my check so long I don’t really notice it unless I look at the number being taken out…then I get sad.  3) I get summers off.   Which, sadly, is the one thing everyone throws at me when I complain about my gig-  “You get summers OFF…be quiet.”  Having summers “off” is nice…but has setbacks…those are the subject of another post.

There are far more bad parts of being a public educator than good ones.  I’m going to take one of my favorites today.

I can’t vent…on the kids.

They need it.  So so so so so badly.

My job…when I’m on a mission and perusing the classroom to make sure the kids are on task…like I’ve been told to do is like babysitting.  The kids who don’t want to work know how NOT to work.  I know that’s a shock.  They wait until I walk by, then go right back to being off task…which means I get to put them BACK on task with a polite comment once I notice again.

“Could you please get back to work?”

“Can you keep the talking a little quieter?”

“Can you just please stop talking?”

“Can you not be on that website please?”


Its fine the first time but the 5th or 6th time you ask…it’s bordering on annoying.

What I WANT to say is, “Hey #&*$#!  Stop being a moron and do your work $%*&** work!”

That’s what they need to hear.  These kids.

It’s like that ALLLLL day.  Every.  Day.

A normal person would NEVER let anyone treat them the way kids get away with treating us.  We have NO power.  

We can’t even tell them we don’t like them.

Any other job you can tell someone, “Hey I don’t like you….I just have to put up with you.”

Not here…then we’d be “picking” on students and get in trouble.  Their lackluster parents take objection that someone could possibly NOT like their child.  Hey mom and dad…I got news for you.  Your kid is a D-bag.

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