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Out from the depths…

by captain on September 15th, 2010

When I got into education…I’m pretty sure I cared.  I’d like to think that my original plan involved making a difference in the lives of others.  I remember sitting in a classroom myself, being told to “dream” about how our own classrooms would look, and what kind of activities and such our days would consist of once we became teachers. 
I had dreams.  I had plans.

I remember sketching out drawings of how my classroom would look. Right down to the plants I would have.  I drew lists of the projects I would do with my classes, the awesome supplies we would use. I was fully prepared for years of awesomeness directly related to my being in the classroom. 

I envisioned a Mr. Holland’s Opus type farewell when my teaching career finally ended. 

I was going to be the best teacher in the world.

…and then I got my first teaching job.

I took a random poll the other day of my co-workers…and asked,

“If you could go back in time….knowing what you know now…would you still go into education?”

All but one, without hesitation said no.  (I wasn’t the one)

My thought is that the one who would’ve still chose education only said “yes” as a means to justify their choice of career.    Nobody wants to admit that they spent all that time and effort for a career that they dislike. 

I know I didn’t.

14 years after I joined the world of public education…I’m totally ready to quit.

I went through periods before where I was ready to quit…but managed to refocus…find new goals…and get by.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m happy I have a job…and I’m not going to cheat the kids who want to learn out of an education….but the point has come where all the B.S. has surpassed my ability to deal with it.

Time to bring back the Captian.

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