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Year 6 Trick or Trick…or Trick…

by captain on November 3rd, 2008

Our school made it through another Halloween…the most useless day a school can possibly go through.  I would imagine kids are more useless on Halloween than any other school day of the year…last day of school, and day before Christmas break included.


There’s something about that lame day that brings out the absolute worst in kids.  The day basically boils down to an excuse for kids to push the dress code to its limits, and act like more of a freak than they would ordinarily.   This years’ event coincided with our Red Ribbon, ‘anti-drug’ week…which is always a great demonstration in silliness.  We have the HIGHEST percentage of drug use for all high schools in the area…and a majority of our k ids are HERE because of drug use…yet somehow we embrace the red ribbon campaign…and decorate our doors, and what have you.  Thanks Nancy Regan.


One kid finally put the nail on the head…”Kids here only like the red ribbon week because it gives them an excuse to draw pot leaves and mushrooms….then put a line through it.”


Yes…my thoughts exactly.


I always get a bunch of crap for not wanting to participate in the event.  We did have a pretty good speaker come in this time though.  He had been in a car wreck while smacked out on booze and dope…and lived through it…walked away…but because he was so loaded…he didn’t see the downed power lines…hit one with his shoulder…and ended up blowing it and both his knees out with the power surge.   Now he is a one armed man.  A very cool one-armed man. He has ridden a special bike from Seattle to NYC…and done some other things…and his message was basically.


“If your goal is to be your best…and drugs and alcohol will not allow you to ever be your best…then why do them.”


The kids, for the most part paid attention…although….I heard them talking this morning, and honestly…most of them did drugs and alcohol over the weekend.


Point…NOT taken.  Thanks for trying one-armed man…thanks for trying.


One fad that has sprung up in the past couple years that truly annoys me is the “INSANE CLOWN POSSE” which, if you’re not aware of them…well…consider yourself blessed.  I can’t call them a music group…because that is doing a disservice to music groups everywhere, even the ones that can’t play instruments.  They’re a group…of guys who dress like clowns…picture KISS meets Ronald McDonald….and then rap.  I’m not sure exactly what they rap about…small cars, big tents…horns…who knows…but the kids love them…mostly the type of kid that goes to our school.  I’m guessing the rebellion these ‘angry clowns’ sing about strikes a chord deep within our students troubled souls.  Halloween was an excuse for them to wear face paint to school.


I of course made fun of them.


They don’t handle it well being teased about their favorite music group. My humming circus music every time they walked by infuriated them; asking them to bring me a happy meal when they went back to work…made them even angrier.  Saying things like, “Hey I didn’t know KISS looked like that?” did not set well with them.


“Ronald McDonald….please take a seat?” 


Didn’t like it.


“Is Mr. McDonald here today?  Is Ronald McDonald at school today…..don’t all answer at once.”


Didn’t like that either.


“Hey I saw you guys come to school today…how the heck did you all fit in such a small car?”




Really, making fun of the clowns was the only thing that made my day interesting.  I’m seriously considering staying home next year…

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