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Year 6- Responsibility

by captain on October 24th, 2008

If I could go back in time….I would find the me who thought going into education was an awesome idea and smack the ever-loving crap out of him.


What was I thinking?


Why did I go into this profession?


Why does anyone go into this profession? 


I’d like to believe at some point I had the notion that what I did was going to make a difference in someone’s life…and that ultimately I would feel good…and rewarded for my efforts at educating children.  There would be warm fuzzy feelings, and I would possess them as a result of my diligence and caring.


I have feelings….but they aren’t so warm and fuzzy.


Mostly I feel like I’ve been socked in the crotch by a gorilla.


Financially going into education is a bad idea.  Whenever there is a loss in enrollment, budget cuts, or increase in requirements from the state we feel it.  It means we’ll have another year of no pay increase.  It also means our operating budget decreases.


My classroom budget this year is $100.


I’m not sure it’s the pay…the apathy of the students…or what, but education is in a bad way right now.  Teachers feel underappreciated, and are ultimately burnt out.  They don’t care.  Education should be a field filled with passionate people…who help develop the future of our country through its youth.


It isn’t.


Something is horribly wrong.  Why do I have a whole classroom full of high school students with a 5th grade reading level?  How in the HELL did they get here?


I can only say that at some level it’s the teachers’ fault.  They are so burnt out they can’t go the extra mile to help those kids when they’re struggling….so they pass them…and let someone else deal with it.


It’s also the parents fault.  Parents!  Step up!  Your kids are moving through life with minimal skills.  If you’re a parent with a low level education…and can’t help your kids with their homework…so you feel bad and don’t try….you are doing your kids a disservice.


If you can’t help your 5th grade student with his/her homework because you only have a 4th grade education yourself…find someone who can.  Call the school…tell them


“Hey I’m not the brightest star in the sky…so I can’t help my kid with their homework…but he/she is struggling…and needs some extra help.”


I’m a firm believer parents should have school related discussions with their kids everyday.  I also think the more contact parents have with their students’ teachers the better. 


DO NOT expect them to call you when your kid is jerking up his class.  Does your boss call your wife when you are doing a bad job?  Do you expect them to? 


You are a parent.  Ask your kids how things are…take interest.  Call their teachers…ask them.  They’d be happy to talk with you…


We’re supposed to be readying kids for real life.  Nothing irritates me more than when a parent comes in and says.  “Mah kid’ is failing alg-u-bruh…why’n nobody call me?”


We send out deficiency notices.  That is too much in my opinion.  It should NOT be our job to tell parents their kids are not performing.  It should be their job, as concerned parents to find out…


If school was really helping their kid prepare for reality.  Their kid would be fired…sent home for not being able to achieve.


We need to revamp education….for real.  Parents need to be forced to help their kids, and take a constructive role in their upbringing.  Teachers need to keep their expectations high and not let kids who can’t freaking function at grade level pass on to the next level.




Reading and writing are the two of the most important skills kids learn early on.  Kids should NEVER be allowed to pass on unless they are at least at an 85% pass rate in those two subjects. 


If you read about at a C level in 3rd grade….chances are you’ll slip a bit the following year…maybe to 65%….then 60% the next year…so by the time you hit 6th grade you’re at a 55% level…which will do you no good.


‘A’ students and high ‘B’ students will usually rise up to the next level…because that’s what they do.  C students usually are barely making it, and at some point…drop down.


If education were run correctly we would take all these kids with 4th grade reading levels in the high school and ship them back to 4th grade.


‘Hey this one isn’t right…fix it!’

I don’t have all the answers by any means…but when my days are filled with kids who perform several grade levels below where they’re required to be…I’m not going to be able to help them.  It’s a waste of my time.  The kids learn to come to school for socialization…not education.  They assume they’ll get moved on, like always.


Parents and elementary teachers WISE UP!

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