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Year 5- Day 165—oops

by captain on May 13th, 2008

Hey,   What it is?…I’ve decided to return from hiatus and drop a post.  The main reason for my lack of posting, and thus my lack of coming anywhere near achieving my yearly goals for this site are both fortunate, and unfortunate.

Fortunately, it means I’m doing a good job…and that business is good.  Unfortunately, it’s not much fun to read….the kids work most all the time…and there is very little room for their messing around.  The amounts of interesting things that happen here have dwindled to almost nothing.  Please accept my apology, and read the updates…so you know what is going on.


-We got our photography program up and running, and already won awards…and had the highest number of accepted entries in the county show.  It took exactly 1 session of the class to achieve those goals.  Now what?  I thought it’d take a little longer.


-Our graduating class this year is going to be roughly the same size as the years past.  Every year we look in April, and swear this will be the year when we have only 6 or 7 graduates.  A month passes and we somehow end up with 30. 


-Our district went through humongous budget cuts, just like the rest of the state…and somehow our school wasn’t affected too much.  We lost one teacher for only part of the day.  Really, nothing changed.


-I went to
Reno again…and kept nice notes…but never wrote anything about it.


-We’ve had a miniature gay-revolution on campus recently.  A few kids have decided that becoming gay would get them attention, and cause uproar with staff and students…and thereby solidify the outcast persona they’ve craved…so the kids have become somewhat gay.  One of the biggest actors in this bug gay circus is planning on joining the military….I think his recruiter might want to know how his solider is acting.

I’d bet he’d “straighten” up pretty quick.


-The staff here seems to have found their groove and put the year in cruise control…waiting for summer, which is only a few weeks away.  The longer I do this teaching thing, the faster time flies.  I’m almost 1/3 of the way done with my career, and couldn’t be happier.


-I spent $300 on a new camera cabinet, and it broke the 3rd week.  The box it came in made it look like it was made out of metal…but it was only made out of grey particle board.  Not the sturdiest thing ever. I now have the chore of finding a replacement cabinet in a time when we have no budget.


-There has only been one recent fistfight…and it was between two ladies.  All our fights this year have been girl fights.  This fight started over a computer, and ended up with a chair being flipped over and used as a shield as the other girl tried to pummel her face.

-I took a week off to go to


-one of my least favorite kids finally finished all the work in my class…and ended up being a lot nicer in the end….funny how that worked out for him.  The minute he started trying, and being civil…the easier time he had actually passing my class.


-The kids here have really been pretty well behaved.  We still have the 5 or 6 kids who won’t do anything…and drive people nuts…but mostly they’ve been good, except this session.  The last session is always the hardest.  The only k ids who try the last 6 weeks of the year are the ones who are either A) good kids no matter what the situation, or B) the kids who are going to possibly graduate.  The rest of the kids have decided that there really isn’t a big difference if they start next year needing 60 credits to graduate, or 68 credits to graduate…so they stop trying.   I suggested we have them dig giant holes the remainder of the year, and award PE credits for the team with the deepest hole…but it got shot down.


-Only a few teachers went to the state conference this year.  I was not one of them, which took away one of the only interesting posts I had planned for the year.   I was actually in
Arizona while it was going on…so I don’t feel too bad for missing it.  I will most likely be at next the event next year. 


-I’ve been debating a lot about just never ever posting on this site again….mostly because nothing exciting ever happens…but also because I just don’t feel like it serves the same purpose for me any longer.  This used to be a place to vent, and to lay out all the frustrations I had working here.  I’m not frustrated any more, or at least not on a daily or regular basis…so I have nothing to work out in my ramblings.  I think next year, I will really try to keep it going, but on a weekly basis…something exciting has to happen in a week…

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    Just take the Gambler anywhere and you will have a lot of material to write about!!!!!!

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