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Year 5- Only because I know you’ve been waiting.

by captain on January 7th, 2008

Honestly, I woke up this morning, fearful of school.  I had a nightmare where the kids wouldn’t listen to me..and I ended up dropping a f-bomb fueled tirade on them…it was ugly.  While I’m not thrilled to be back, I’m glad today is an inservice, and we’re only working on making sure we have standards based assessments for each session.  I’m finishing the last one.  Tomorrow, the kids return, to begin what will be 4 straight days of them catching up on all the drama that went down over Christmas break. 

In two weeks our Photo program begins.  I’m really excited.  I’ve been waiting for a class like this for almost 10 years.  I honestly thought, with the cost, and practicality of a program like this in the current school systems…it wasn’t ever going to happen.  My only problem now will be seeing if I can put aside my personal photo opinions long enough to actually teach them something, or will I just cringe at their lack of thought, or skill…and meltdown on them.

I had a great photo teacher in college who had v ery little patience for stupidity.  He had very high standards, and honestly, very few people ever lived up to them.  My friend and I for some reason were fortunate enough that we were adequate with the camera, and blessed with enough common sense to not ask dumb questions…we got along well with him.  Other people, who perhaps even had more of a desire to learn in the class were crapped on by him because they asked too many questions, or just acted in a way that annoyed him.

 I find my teaching style is a lot of ways, is like his.  The older I get the less I can stand stupid people.  In art, while I really enjoy the subject….I don’t do my own art enough to take stupidity personally.  Photography is what I do when I’m out….I take it a lot more personally than I do the other mediums.  I can see myself becoming really annoyed with the kids if they do something I find inappropriate.

Thankfully, I have almost complete control of all aspects of this class.  I pick the kids I want in, and I can pretty much choose when and what we shoot.  There are about 10 kids at this school who would be the end of me if I had to watch them hold one of our nice new school cameras.  I’d snap for sure.

One some accounts it’s nice to be back…see everyone, catch up, and break back into routine.  I didn’t go out to lunch with the majority of the staff today.  I like to hang out with them, but I just don’t see spending the extra cash on lunch, when I have perfectly good food at home I can bring and eat.  Some of the staff joke that I’m anti-social.  I kind of am.  I mentioned, that I find myself getting more easily annoyed with people…this is magnified with larger groups.  I like majority of the people I’m working with, a lot…but a couple start to get me after 30 minutes.  They’re nice people, but I think we just have differences in approaches on life…so they bug me.

Oh well…I have 20 more multiple choice questions to get done in the next 30 minutes.

let’s see how the kids are t0morrow.

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