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Year 5- On Death and Dying

by captain on December 17th, 2007

I’m near death  today.  I feel HORRIBLE.  My sinuses are full of snot and pressure.  The right side of my head hurts.  My eyes hurt.  The pressure in my head is throwing off my equilibrium, and my ears are constantly plugged.  Everything sounds like a Charlie Brown special.

I wrote 3 referrals today for no other reason than I was sick. 

I actually started looking for reasons to write them, it was the one thing that made me feel better.

I still have to go to home school.

I have 2 students now.  One isn’t so motivated, and as I mentioned, her leg looks like a dinosaur chewed on it.   The peculiar thing is….she was well enough to go to Hawaii for a week.  Now, I’m not a Dr….but if I were to guess.  If you’re too injured to sit in a desk at school, you’re probably too injured to sit on a beach in Hawaii…and on an airplane in those cramped seats for 6 hours.

Unless, someone was using her to be able to board early, than I understand that.

I think in order to make a point, I’m going to threaten to drop her from the program….

The last time I went over there, I almost got a contact high from the couch…that place had been infused with mary jane smoke moments before I got there.  I’m telling you…one of these days I’ll be someplace when the drug task force busts in….it’s got to happen.

on that note, I’m heading home to die.

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