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Year 5- If you’re happy and you know it….throw a chair

by captain on December 21st, 2007

Two periods left in the day before the students go home for 2 weeks, and all hell has to break out.  One of our new teachers, had brought her daughter with her to school in the afternoon, and was JUST playing some trivia games with the kids, as fun activities for a Frdiay.  She was giving out $10 movie bucks for 1st, and $5 for second and $5 for third.  Ok first off, she’s a lot better person than I, because I wouldn’t even give them 5 cents.  I guess one of the kids took offense to being 2nd, and flipped out…demanded his other $5.

When his tantrum was not met with proper response time, he threw a chair at the window.  Needless to say this rattled the poor lady, who was not only fearful for herself, but for her 3 year old daughter.  The kid also got in her face and cursed her out.

Of course, by the time I heard about it the situation was “under control” and the culprit was fetal in the principal’s office screaming about his life of woe.

I missed it all. 

Stuff like that never happens to me.  Had one of my kids been here, and that kid pulled shinanigans like that on me.  I might have punched him.  It’d have been hard not to.  It was hard to not go find the kid for being such a dirt ball, and let him know how I felt about it. 

You don’t pull that crap on female teachers, that ain’t right.

My excitement for the day was centered around one of my favorite kids, who is out to ruin my soul.  He’s extremely mad at me because I write him referrals everytime he takes his cell phone out in my room.  He has about 5 hours of detention to serve as a result of my referrals.  Now he tries to be a jerk to me to gain the approval of his peers.

“Why do you like teaching?”

“Never really thought about it?”

“It’s for the power you get to have huh?  You like writing referrals don’t you?  You sure must not want kids to like you….that’s got to be your goal…if I were a teacher, I’d be cool.  You like not being cool?  You like it when kids don’t like you?”

“I just like writing your referrals.”

The kid is a know it all, who acts like Eddie Haskell when he’s trying to weasel out of getting in trouble.  It’s never worked on me, and it kills him.  I’ve developed a knack for finding him with his phone out….it always gets him in more trouble…and where as normally I’d warn someone at least once for having their phone out…now I write everyone a referral…and say, “well you can thank, ——- he doesn’t think it’s fair if I warn people…”

My real goal is to get him sent to the court school, where he has to wear a uniform, get escorted to the restroom, and be treated like the disrespectful person he is.

Today I made him move to the front row.  This is what spawned his tirade about me being a meanie.

“Why do I have to move?”

“Because.  You have an F….sitting in the back room isn’t working so hot for you.  Perhaps, if you were closer, you might pay attention more.”

“I don’t have my phone.”

“I don’t recall mentioning your phone…”

Well I’m out…too much to do.

Have a Merry Christmas

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