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Year 5- I wouldn’t know nuthin’ about that…

by captain on November 8th, 2007

There’s a girl at our school who is faking a pregnancy.  We’re not exactly sure WHY, but we just know she is.  One of our other teachers was told about it by the student about 5 weeks ago…and at this time, the student, according to her own tale was 20 weeks along.  That’s 5 months.   Now she would be about the 6-61/2 month portion of her term….and, well, she’d be showing, and…well, she is not.  You would never mistake her for a pregnant person.   Yet, she claims to still be with child.  

The other day she came in acting rather unpleasant towards me.

This is not a shock, she’s very unpleasant most of the time.

She was glaring at me…and I didn’t like.

[Captain] Don’t glare at me please.

[Pseudo Prego] I ain’t glarin’ atchoo.

[Captain] Really?  It appears to me you are, and I don’t like it…

[Pseudo Prego] I ain’t glarin’….I just don’t feel good….got mornin’ sickness…butchoo wouldn’t know nuthin’ bout that woudl you…

[Captain] go sit down. Stop glaring at me.

This same kid was in the office asking for feminine products 2 weeks ago…which, if I remember anything from 9th grade isn’t something that happens when you’re pregnant.  This kid is a liar of great magnitude.   I’m hoping we get rid of her before she ends up causing a huge scandal.

 We’ve almost reached the 3rd session, and the kids are starting to find their groove…meaning they’re starting to misbehave.  I have yet to really get any good stories yet, but I’ve heard the grumbling from them.  There’s some new kids here who aren’t exactly meshing well with the others…and I smell a girl fight coming sometime in the next month.


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  1. Pol permalink

    Keep us posted on this one. I’d like to hear how the pregnancy “progresses”.

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