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Year 5—- I knew it

by captain on November 28th, 2007

I predicted a girl fight, and there was some serious altercations the week before break.  I assume the girls had finally had it with the whore calling, and decided to deal with it.  We have one group of 4 girls who is not fond of another 2 girls.  They’ve been calling each other whore for about 3 weeks now.  It all came to a head and there was about to be a 6 person fight in the hall.  Unfortunate but the VP broke it up.  All I got to hear were a few last “WHORE!” screams, and some office doors slamming as the group of two was taken into the office to avoid more conflict.

Well, it didn’t quite end there, and later on as the group of 2 were waiting in the office for their ride home, the group of 4 sauntered by the office window, to irritate the group of two….the group of two wasn’t having it, and they bust out the office and into the hallway for a good old fashioned round of whore calling.  One of our teachers got shoved out of the way, and mayhem was about to ensue when the parent showed up, and a few other teachers…they split everything BACK up, and that’s where the conflict ended.  Break happened…and now, all seems to be forgotten. 

It might be awhile before we have a good battle.

Session 3 started this week, and that means we’re almost half way through the year.  It’s going by quickly.  I’m still trying to get the photo program up and running but that requires a lot of paperwork, and it also requires people to respond to my faxes and phone calls. 

I’ll be glad when it’s all set….the organizing part is awful.

I kind of like my classes this session.  I’ve managed to pawn off some of the more uninterested students on our “other art class”  I can’t even call it “art”  it’s the power craft hour as far as I’m concerned.  They make oragami birds, and paper stain glass…stuff like that.  It’s not art…it’s 3rd grade crafts.

The teacher isn’t thrilled with me for sending her my less interested students. 

“you’re welcome.”  is what I got today.  Hey, look, if that kid isn’t going to work in my class…perhaps she might be more productive cutting paper with scissors, and gluing it to more paper.  Some kids like lower expectations.  Even at my most frustrated, I won’t drop my standards….the craft class, to be fair, is more a break for that teacher…to get her out of constantly doing English…and be able to relax.  I don’t blame her for just cutting and gluing, and making some paper birds.

It’s not art in my opinion, but it’s certainly better than essays.

I had to work on art projects with my sons 1st grade class over break.  YIKES.  I am NOT a elementary scool teacher in any aspect.  My “standards”  mean nothing there.  Those kids won’t listen, and when I put my smack down on them, they ignore me far better than any high school kid.  My son listens….that’s good.  His buddies could care less about making their projects look right, they only care about putting glue in big piles…then moaning about how they can’t get the parts off their hands to stick on the project.

I need stuff like that to reassure me that I’m where I need to be.

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  1. Sam permalink

    It must be quite a relief to have the ability to get all the random garbage off your chest with almost total anonymity. Keeps you from going completely crazy and provides a comedic retrospective…

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