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Year 5 Session 2…..It begins

by captain on October 8th, 2007

Today we start our 2nd session of six.  So far, so good.  I don’t know yet if there is potential for comedy with the new students.

Last week we finished finals, and grades.  I figured out how to use the new program that makes answer documents for your tests, and tracks progress and what not.  I really don’t care about which question the kids struggled with the most.  I don’t,  Call me mean, I just don’t care.

I can write a question intentionally that only the smart kids will get.  I can do the same with dumb question, everyone will answer correctly.  I can rig my own finals scores to say whatever I like.

Stuff like that is meaningless to me.  It only takes one kid who doesn’t care, and just answers random questions to throw out your whole class average.  It’s why standardized tests suck.  At least with a final you can make it as important as you want in their final grade….with typical standardized testing, theres’s no incentive to try.

“Your school will have it’s reputation tarnished…”

We’re doing pretty good for continuation schools, but nobody is confusing us with “the academic schools”  IF we score low on our standardized tests, nobody is going to say…”WELL NO!!!! I expected them to score way higher…” Our scores dropped this year…and the school board and superintendant were all a little upset…

What happend was our scores sucked hard two years ago, so last year we had massive jumps forward…and this year we evened out a little bit….no shock for us, but everyone else flipped.  We had underachieving kids overachieving, and now they’ve dropped…but are still a little better than is to be expected.  A high five would be nice.

I wonder how the art teacher at the other school is doing.  Has he realized his days are numbered yet?  If the opportunity presented itself, I’d probably tell him.

I’ll give an update this week if any drama erupts in the new classes.


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