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Year 5- Hallo-Don’t wanna be here.

by captain on October 31st, 2007

If you’re a not a person employed in a school…there’s a misconception that teachers are always happy, fun, and ready to engage their students.  That’s true a lot of the time…but there are days where we flat out dislike students, and really wish they weren’t around.  

Today is one of those days for me.


Normally, as an educator, it’s our duty to make sure those days fall when we’re sick, or out of town…that way our negative attitudes don’t commingle with student attitudes, and cause trouble.


I was in a decent mood when I got to school this morning.  Not great, I was tired, but my mood was decent enough to be here. 


I’d check out now if I could.


The kids have been LAME today…mentally lame.  It’s Halloween’s fault…they all want to go smoke pot out of pumpkins or whatever they’ve got planned. That’s a problem, because it’s causing them to lose focus.


I had a kid today (who is FAILING my economics class) ask for more work for a different class. 


I told him, “When you’re able to pass ONE class, we can talk about doing work for a different class.”


He was mad.  Whatever. 


I tried to convince him, that; If you’re late or missing your job everyday would your employer feel like giving you more hours?


Everyone has their minds on Halloween parties…I just gave a test where 74/100 was the highest score.  I know, some of you are thinking I’m the greatest teacher a live, because, THAT’S AN AWESOME SCORE FOR THOSE KIDS. 


Trust me.  It was the worst batch of tests I’ve received this year as a whole.


I’m taking next Halloween off.



The second issue I have deals with some studies that have been published criticizing schools for drop-out rates, low-test scores, and a host of other issues.


If you’re going to blame on teachers for our horrid education system….equal and greater blame needs to be put on the parents…BUT since the parents are the ones complaining…and the media in charge of writing these studies don’t work in schools, these studies will always be flawed.


Parents aren’t too quick to turn the focus on themselves.  It’s far easier to blame the schools.  My son can read at a high level for his age, and equal credit goes to us, as parents because we work with him every day.  If you’re going to publish a report on how unsuccessful teachers are, make sure, for every student who has been “failed” by the education system, you also publish what type of parental support that kid has.  Trust me when I say there are far more horrible parents than horrible teachers.

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