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Adding new levels to the grading chart…

by captain on October 1st, 2007

[Girl] What is this? 

[Captain] Your grade….

[Girl] It’s an R….

[Captain] No, it’s an R+

[Girl] What does that mean?

[Captain] It means you do R quality work.

[Girl] What am I going to tell me mom? she’s going to ask about this….

[Captain] Tell her you got an R, plus…

[Girl] What IS that?

[Captain] it’s after Q….you’re beyond Q work.

[Girl] (now becoming distraught.) Ho-wh-c-I don’t want an R, I’ll get grounded…my mom’s not going to understand.

[Captain] Your mom is going to ground you for an R?

[Girl] Well…s-sh-what IS this?

[Captain] your grade.  your grade is an R+

We have to fill in these progress reports on kids every week, quite honestly, it’s boring…it’s always the kids who are struggling who need one filled out.  I just start writing random things in hopes that they actually read it….or that their parents will call me, and thus get the REAL story.  I like to think of it as a test, to see how much attention their parents pay to what they bring home.  If my son got an ‘R’ I’d call…

Today I gave a kid a Q-

Friday was interesting.  We had multiple guns on campus.  They were hunting rifles that some kid left in his car…kind of a dumb move, but in my opinions, it could happen.  The campus security guard saw them….and a minor freak out insued.  No lock down or anything, but there were some conferences in the office.  The funniest part was they found the guns because the kid also brought an ice-chest full of a 30-pack.  He was dishing them out at break to various kids. 

When the security guard wen to see why the kids were gathered around the cooler at break, she discovered the 30 pack…and also the guns.  Oops.   I felt kind of sorry for our principal on Friday…he had his hands full all day with that incident.  I was going to bring him 20 referrals too…just to mess with him, but he left right when the day ended. 

I guess another school fairly close to here was in lockdown because a student held a class hostage, only allowing those who were afraid to leave the room.

That’s funny…some people actually stayed. 

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    That’s seriously one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. Let us know if you ever do actually get a parent who wants an explanation.

  2. Sam permalink

    oh, i’m not frightened, i like being a hostage…

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