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Year 5—-Oh yeah, that’s right.

by captain on September 11th, 2007

The call just went over the radio to put the flag at half mast. 

“What?” I think….”Why? I wonder who died?”  I’m searching around, and then it dawns on me…it’s the anniversary of 9/11.  It’s times like this I’m proud to be me. Living in oblivian.  Or like Mike Tyson said, Living in Bolivian…

My TA slacked out of school today…I had to make my own photocopies.  If I’m not on that machine all the time..>I lose the skill.  It is not, like you might think, like riding a bike.  If you don’t use the photocopier for a week…the skill goes away.  I just stood there. Staring at it.

I did figure it out though…but I think I blew every available brain cell I had in the process.

 I’ve been given the OK to go forward with my photography class.  This is good.  Yesterday I was looking through equiptment, trying to get a price list together…make it a good class.  Today, I went to check on what kind of budget I had for this class.  I figured, we had gotten a good chunk of cash, I should have no problem making this fly.  Then he dropped the 4K limit on me.

4,000 is nice chunk of cash, but if you’re expecting that to buy all the equiptment for a photography program for 20 kids…uhm that’s not a lot.  It’s like telling someone….hey go ahead, but yourself a new, reliable car.   Here’s $500.

Now I’m grasping at how I’m going to make this work.  I had a nice set up planned.  It came to about $9500….needless to say, it’s back to the drawing board. 

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