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Year 5. Mama said knock you out.

by captain on September 6th, 2007

I just had some parent come in to plead a case for their child.   I mentioned the kid.  He has 10 credits left, 7 in art.  His mom came in to argue with me about the fact, ‘I’m keeping her son from graduating.’ 


Over in the corner of my room they had a huddle, he showed her his shading exercise. She said it was good.  He dropped some f-bombs about how I didn’t find it acceptable.  She glanced at me.  Then came to discuss why it wasn’t acceptable.


[Mommy Dearest] So He says you say this isn’t acceptable…

[Captain] That’s correct. As it is now…it’s not acceptable

[Mommy Dearest] What if it’s the best he can do?

[Captain] It isn’t

[Mommy Dearest] Well some people just aren’t artists…and if he’s in here he’s working on it…so it IS the best he can do.

[Captain] He has been in here 2 weeks, and barely works on it…he spends more time complaining about it than he does actually working on it.  I haven’t found anyone who can’t do it.

[Mommy Dearest] Well, what if he can never get it to your expectations…some people just aren’t artists….my dad is an artist and he spent 7 years trying to teach me to shade, and I couldn’t ever do it. 

[Captain]  I don’t have timelines on how long it takes someone to get a particular concept.  I also don’t have due date.  Your son has as long as he needs to get this done, and if he’s working on it daily…he’ll get credit.

[Mommy Dearest]  What about these little kids who just will try and try and never get it.  Not everyone is an artist.


This part pissed me off, to be honest.  She was making me out to be a tyrant.  “little kids”  like they freakin’ cower at the sight of me.  Excuse me for having standards, and holding to them.  Why is it bad to want someone’s child to be better than mediocre?  Why is it wrong to not let kids move on when they’re not able to do something correctly?   We live in an educational system with low expectations, and a sense of entitlement.  It seems that even parents expect us to let their kids graduate without attaining their requirements.


[Captain] Look.  I’ve never met a kid who couldn’t do this assignment, if they actually tried.

[Mommy Dearest] Don’t you have any other work he can do instead?

[Captain]  I might be able to come up with something for 1 or 2 credits, but not a majority of it…


This is about where the kid kept dropping more F-bombs. ‘See mom I F****** told you…it’s F***** Bull****.


She didn’t appear to care.  I’d have beaten my children for talking like that in public. What I needed to say was,


“Look, we’ve been instructed to have the BEST year EVER, and if I let your son off easy, well…then I’d ruin that for everyone…and I can’t be that guy.”

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Preach it, brutha! I think you deserve dome props for keeping it real.

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