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Year 5 Funky Techie, Funky Techie, Funky Techie get off my back.

by captain on September 5th, 2007

I’m getting my first cold of the year.  Great.  That’s one of the disadvantages of returning to school, germ factor.   A lot of the kids here have what we professionals call health concerns.  I’ve seen the type of environment they live in, and let’s just say in 80% of the cases it’s perfect for germ growth.  They bring them here, and give them to me…I went about 5 months with not so much as a sniffle…now it feels like an angry alien is living in my head.   Thankfully, it’s a short week and I can recover this weekend.


The kids have been decently behaved thus far, except for a few.  I have one kid who needs 10 credits to graduate…7 of which are in art.  He refuses to try.  He’s seriously considering dropping out over it.  Our conversation went like this.


[Kid]  F*** this, I CAN’T draw…I’m never going to get these credits.  I’m going to drop out.

[Captain] You can draw; you just choose not to try.

[Kid]  Nuh-uh I can’t f***** do it.  I told you. The principal is f***** joke and won’t let me do anything else. Its bull****.

[Captain] If you tried, and asked for help, you’d learn how to do it.

[Kid] F*** this…seriously.


It went on, only I stopped participating in the conversation.  He kept on whining to anyone who would listen.  It’s funny, but most kids really don’t care.  I would say 75% of them have difficulty with the first few projects I assign. They all have issues with the standards I have for them.   Getting adapted takes time.  95% of them adjust though, and eventually appreciate that I care what they do. Not this kid.  His problem is, like I mentioned, most kids went through exactly what he is going through, and they sucked it up and learned how to shade.  He won’t.  They don’t care if he drops out.


My home school student is in the hospital.  I’ll be doing my home hospital from the hospital starting tomorrow.  That should provide for some entertainment.  I’ve never taught in a hospital before.


The techie came back yesterday and set my email up…Whoo-Hoo. I say that sarcastically, because he didn’t do anything else I needed done. The email was the least of my concerns quite honestly.  I don’t use district email, because quite frankly…if someone in the district has something to say…call me.


 Techie said he wasn’t going to install my music program either, because it doesn’t fit district necessities. Whatever.  They’ll let kids get on myspace via a proxy, but I can’t listen to music. I don’t even store it on their equipment.  It’s on my own personal hard drive.  Our staff came to the conclusion that the Tech dept is all about control…and not giving up any of it to the teachers.  I can’t blame the techies too much; they only do what they’re told.  I also understand it’s the districts stuff…they make the rules, so I can’t expect them to change anything.  I just think the whole policy is ridiculous…and what SHOULD be done is put control at a site level.


Each site should have 1 or 2 staff members in charge of technology.  Each site is different.  We know what we need and why we need it.  We should be able to address issues at our school, with people who work at OUR school.  We have to wait for a Techie to decide what priority level our concern is, and then continue to wait forever before it gets dealt with.  This is nothing short of annoying.


When we had some control over our machines, they were too ancient to do anything…now that we’re in the 21st century, we can’t use any of the power our machines have.  I know a few teachers who bring in their own laptops to use. 


I still don’t have my scanner up yet, so my drawings will have to wait.  It may not be classified as relevant to my needs, and if that’s the case…I won’t have one.  How someone who is not at my school, or in my room can decide what is or isn’t relevant to my needs is beyond me.

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