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Year 5- Blah

by captain on September 24th, 2007

Maybe it’s because I don’t feel well today, but DAMN.  I could use another day off.  The kids were horrible today.  I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the substitute.  The kids here don’t respond well to change, so when some new person is here for a day or two…it throws off their routine…and then they punish me for it when I get back.  I had to give a quiz today to shut one class up.  They ALL failed.  Which I knew they would.  Tomorrow, just to anger them, I’m putting them in a seating chart.

Our principal came by today to check us on a task he asked us to complete a few weeks ago.  It has to do with assessment, and having a standards chart for each student…to show the progress they’ve made.  I had mine….organized by class, and each student has a chart…which I will fill in at the end of the session.  I know at least 3 teachers are refusing to do it, because, they’re old and don’t feel like it.  I’ll be curious to see how the battle plays out today in the staff meeting.  No doubt the principal is bringing this to the table, which is why he came around to check today….one week after he said he’d check.

This is why I make lists of what I need to do.  I’d forget otherwise.

The district has blocked any site relating to ‘discussion’ ‘forum’,  they did it at some point after lunch…sites I coudl get into prior to lunch are not available now.  Awesome.   How dare people want to discuss something, or read about something.

I was researching camera flash equipment, and discovered I wasn’t able to….because it’s a forum. YAY!  I happen to need that information for my photography class.  I need to write a request to unblock it.   Whatever.  I probably won’t, I j ust don’t feel like talking to our tech dept.  There’s a couple nice guys there, and I feel sorry for them.  They work in hell.  They are there to provide us with a service, when we ask them to.  I don’t recall anyone asking for them to shut down forums or discussions…..

I think they set up a blanket festure that filters out anything with the words forum in it, or discussion…or ‘wordpress’ 

It’s ridiculous….They did it to keep the kids off ‘myspace’ and screw up the rest of us. 

It would make more sense for each site to tell THEM what we need filtered, then they could be more specific, and stop wasting time.

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