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Year 5- Back to School

by captain on September 20th, 2007

We just had back to school night. Last Week. I know, I’m behind in my posting. I’ve just been waiting for something excitng to happen.  Back to School night was not interesting.  We had more than average turn out, and that means our principal is forced to buy us doughnuts every Friday for a month.  He lost the bet. 

I had one parent who talked photography with me for a while.   I always appreciate someone telling me how proficient they are at photography, and then telling me how hard it is to get their Advantix photos developed.  APS is the wave of the future.

His daughter (who doesn’t go to this school, but will at some point, I’m sure of it) kept drawing on my board, and invading my personal space looking for markers.

We kicked a girl out for good yesterday.  She had a melt down shortly after…Lots of F words, Lots of other words too.  She was NOT happy.  The principal called her dad to come get her.  He basically told him, “Hey I’ve already decided to kick your daughter out of school….but I’m not telling her until you’re here to clean up the mess.”

He wasn’t thrilled….he’s lost control of his daughter, and knew it was going to end badly.   It did.  She’s gone.  She won’t be cursing out our staff any longer.  There goes another story plot line for me.

I guess there was a big party last weekend.  I heard a lot of discussion about it prior to the weekend.  It was being thrown by the girl who just got kicked out.  She invited EVERYONE.   We’ve got kids here who don’t like each other very much.  They showed up to the party.  One girl got punched in the eye.  I bet she deserved it.  She had people threaten to punch her almost daily last year.  I think it finally happened.

I asked her about it,

[Captain]  Someone pop you?

[Ali] No. I fell.

[Captain] On someone’s fist?

She just left.  She got popped.   

I don’t leave my room much anymore.  Therefore, I don’t see anything that happens.  I don’t hear the good rumors.  I need to go out more, for the sake of my reader(s)

One of our teachers was selling cup o’ noodles to kids to raise money for sober grad…and she was busted in an elaborate sting operation from the food service people.  I guess they watched from other hallway, and sent kids with money to buy noodle cups….and had a fit when they found out it was true.  Kids were consuming ramen cups in lieu of tasty cafeteria food.

She can’t sell ramen anymore.   It was kind of a big deal here.  The kids are angry.  She got yelled at, kind of.  What do you really say.

DAMN IT…you can’t raise money for sober graduation….selling NOODLES.  How dare you look out for our school.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    Please venture out for our sake. I’ll send some quarters for Ramen even.

    Perhaps CSI could start a new series in the cafeteria.

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