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Year 5- New Look…Same old blood drive

by admin on August 29th, 2007

It’s blood drive day. I thought we were done with this crap. Last year after the blood folks accused our school of lying about kids conditions to get more pints of blood recorded, I thought we had agreed to stop donating blood, because it was a huge mess, and we weren’t even being treated nicely by the folks getting the blood.


Today was unorganized chaos. Kids can’t give blood without an I.D. So kids need student body cards, which they’re manufacturing now, instead of the first week of school, which creates more needs for my students to be running around outside of class. “I need to go give blood.” “I need to go get my student body card photo done.”

It’s chaos.

Kids are all over the place…

I’ve been issued a challenge today as well. I love when the new kids here try to gain favor with their peers by challenging me to a basketball game. They hear I play a little, then the first thing they want to do is try and tell the world how badly they would destroy me in a game of 1 on 1. The newest challenger is a 5′ 3″ kid with a bad attitidue. He can’t play. I’ve watched. He saw me shooting around during lunch the other day, and threw out the, “I’ll bet you $5 I can beat you….”

Of course, I’m not going to bet money with a kid…I’ll go soda or something…but not money. It’s too easy…some kid was quick to be for me though. The only problem is the kid ran off campus. Then he did the same thing yesterday. Today I confronted him in front of all his “homies”

[Captain] You must have an injury….
[Kid] Nah…why?
[Captain] Because you still haven’t played me 1 on 1 yet…after talking trash….
[Kid] You wanna bet $5 we can do this…otherwise it’s just for fun.
[Captain] I’m not going to bet you money, but when I beat you, and I will…I don’t want any excuses…
[Kid] You couldn’t beat me. (This is where the testosterone tried to kick in)
[Captain] First off, I’ve been playing basketball longer than you’ve been breathing, Secondly, I’ve got about a foot and a half on you.
[Kid] That don’t matter…That doooon’t matter.
[Captain] No, it woudln’t….if you could play.
[Kid] You better watch how cocky you are…
[Captain] I can talk all I want about beating you, because it’s a fact…I will.

Then other kids started wanting to get in on the action. They all wanted $5 a game.

[Captain] Look, if I thought it was ethical to take $5 from all of you, I’d have no problem doing it…I could use an extra $30. It’d be the easiest money I could get.

[Kid 2] Go get $5…let’s do it.

[Captain] I wouldn’t need to go get $5, because I wouldn’t have to pay up.

[Kid] Ooooh I’m staiyng for lunch today…it’s on.

[Girl in class] You’re stupid…Captain will kick your a$$…he coached basketball here.

[Kid] Don’t matter…..don’t matter.

I’ll let everyone know if he even scores tomorrow. The last kid who tried to talk trash got beat 24-2, and t he 2 was a heave from half court that rimmed in.

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