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Year 5—-Hi, Welcome back…

by admin on August 16th, 2007

Today is going better. We had minimal required stuff to get done. Some work on assessment technique. This required us to take one of our finals, and add to it the specific state content standard each question addressed. My final is 100 questions. It took about an hour. We were also trained this morning on a new computer program we have to use that keeps a bunch of stats on testing each teacher gives out during the course of a year. I’ll soon be able to know exactly what percentage of my students missed question #6 on test #5. I really don’t NEED to know this. It could be helpful, and perhaps make my reworking of a chapter or a particular test a little more efficient, but ultimately… I know if a bunch of kids missed #6, I need to either teach that concept better, or rewrite #6. I’m grown up; I can figure that out… I don’t need a multi-jillion dollar program to tell me.

My classroom is almost ready. I just need access to my computer C drive so I can get my printer working… and add the programs I need… then all will be grand. I’ve written out my first day handouts, they’re ready. Tomorrow I’ll make my photocopies, and they’ll be ready.

Kids have been peeking in and out all day after they register. It’ll be nice to finally get them back… and get this show on the road. I’m looking forward to the first few weeks of school, listening to the kids discuss how wasted they were for the last 3 months.

One of the kids who popped in asked me, “So, Captain, do anything illegal this summer?,Aeu

HUH? Uh, no…

Who would even answer that if they had?

“Yeah, ran a coke train from Colombia… slang rock in the ghetto, and had a whole hooker network in Arkansas bringing me paper.,Aeu

Honestly, I’m still a little disappointed the kids think I look like someone who would A) do illegal things, and B) Discuss it with them after I had.

I think I’ll write a book… .called “If I did it… ,Aeu It’ll just talk about all the crazy stuff I’d do if I were a coke head mobster. I’ll show OJ a thing or two…

I met the art teacher for the’other’ school today. I went out of my way to be nice and introduce myself to him. In the brief time I got to talk with him I came across a few discoveries. 1) He was good friends with the last lady who worked there… .which is why he got put in, or at least that’s my theory. She picked her successor. 2) He seemed really nice, almost too nice… and I hope the class sizes of 40 don’t devour him. 3) I think they’ll be finding a new art teacher within 2 years.

This I also discovered. I saw a calendar from “advanced art students,Aeu laying in the office at that school… .it sucked. I can’t think of any way else to put it. I certainly wouldn’t have passed my quality assurance standards, first off. Secondly, I wouldn’t have EVER labeled it “advanced art students,Aeu I thought it was a 6th grade calendar.

Tomorrow I’ll post my goals for the coming year, and that calendar will come into play again…

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  1. Paco permalink

    Didn’t we break some laws at the Summer Trip IX?

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