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Year 5—Day 4- Welcome back, now go home…

by admin on August 20th, 2007

It’s only the first part of the day, and I’m already wishing for 4 more weeks of summer. I’ve seen a few of the good kids around, the familiar faces, those already familiar with my ways. That’s good…they are the good part of starting school. I’ve also seen about 20 new kids, and being normal, I’ve already pegged them malcontents…and am positive I’ll have issues with them. How’s that for a positive educator. I see a lot of shaved heads…a sure sign of trouble. I’m not fond of stereotyping people…but 85% of the kids with shaved heads (just the white kids) are bad news….they’re shaving their head for one of two reasons…or maybe both.

1) They’re a white pride kid….which isn’t good.
2) They’re fearful that their P.O. will drug test them, so they shave off all their hair.

Either reason is totally lame, and cause for concern on my part. It doesn’t matter though. I’m drinking coffee like water, and mentally bench pressing 500lbs in order to make one of them cry by the end of the day…

I must, break you…

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