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Year 5 Day 3—>Time is up…

by admin on August 17th, 2007

Kids are coming on Monday, whether or not I like it at all. I finished my photocopies today. I hate that machine. I couldn’t ever get it to do all the things I wanted at the same time. I wanted white paper, stapled, vertical printing, multiple sheet packs. If you selected one, and not the others, it would reset everything when you started the job up. So if I forgot to click staple (which I did) then makred everything else…realized it was not stapling, and stopped it…pressed staple..I would lose the vertical paper printing, and the white paper tray…so I would have stapled, orange packets with half the info missing.

It pissed me off. a lot. I bet I wasted 400 sheets of paper before the stars aligned and I got it right.

I remade some of my art training packets for this year. I made them more diificult. I can’t wait for the groans of anger when I hand them out.

Next order of business,

I discovered more news on the art dept. situation at the other school…it gets bizarre. The lady who retired, stated she retired because she wasn’t happy with the way the dept. was going…she was financially not needing the job, so she was going to call it off. They hired that new guy, and that’s where it ended.

Here’s this year’s developments, as I know them.

A) new guy has limited experience. First year teacher, not a transfer.
B) One of the main reasons the lady retired was to spend time with her ailing mother…who died shortly after sher submitted her reitrement paperwork.
C) She told a colleague of mine…she wants to come back.

The pieces fit now. If they transferred ME there, I’d have senority, and there’d be NO way she’d come back…SO, they hire a newbie…when the year is up…I would BET he’s a non re-elect, meaning the job opens again, and she gets it.

I wonder if the kid knows. Poor guy. I don’t feel nearly as bad now though, it makes sense. I do feel bad for that kid who is going to have a non re-elect on his resume…and it’s not his fault.

Plus, he’s got to go up against me now for district art superiority…and I’m way too competitive…and plan on upping the ante this year. I’ve got great kids coming back, and we’re going to go all out this year.

Which brings me to my next discussion,


This year I plan on doing a few things.

1) Making a real advanced art calendar. That one at the other high school was a joke.
2) Keeping my rep high in the county art competition…I have the dates on the calendar already.
3) Increasing my goals….I adopted an idea from that TV show Hell’s Kitchen. His rule was “Your kitchen, my standards…” I’m doing the same thing. “your art, my standards.”
4) I’m going to also stay out of the drama this year…the potential is always here for gossipy BS that brings everyone down, and just makes the place harder to work…I’m going to keep positive.
5) I’ll continue to try and bring my best everyday so the kids learn, and improve, and mayeb get a different perspective on life…one that serves them better in the future than the one they have now.
6) I’m going to attempt more drawings…and a site redesign too. If it happens, consider it icing on the cake…

It’s Friday….I’m off to have my last weekend of mental prep for Monday…

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