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Year 5—-Back to bliss.

by admin on August 15th, 2007

We came back today. I didn’t exactly have the best first day beginning. I woke up to news my grandfather passed away. I thought it was my wife’s grandfather at first, because I couldn’t decode the message on my machine, and he had been in the hospital recently. I assumed it was him, and we were feeling kind of rotten, because we drove right by his house last night on our way home from vacation and didn’t stop…and to think we had a chance to see him before he passed…well my wife was a bit frazzled. Then she went to listen to the message, I thought was from her grandmother…and she was better at unraveling the message…it was MY mom…and MY grandfather had died. Threw a different spin on the morning.

I loved my grandfather…spent a lot of time with him, and admired him a great deal. I’m sad. I’m still shell shocked a little. I just saw hinm about a week-and-a-half ago. He looked fine. I can’t be too sad though. He died in his sleep. I think everyone of us wants to go that way. I feel blessed I didn’t watch him slowly lose his life to a disease in a hospital bed. I know he’s with the Lord. He lived a long, productive life. I feel like he’d be happy with how things went.

I feel sad for my mom and grandmother, has to be hard losing a father/husband. I know I’m not ready to think about losing any of my parental types…I can’t even comprehend losing a person you’ve been married to for over 50 years. I’ll be leaving here at some point to go and be with my family. I’m not good at that. I dread that. Being around sad people puts me in awkward positions I’m not capable of dealing with.

School today was kind of somber as a result. I’m happy to be working…I just couldn’t really focus on anything related to a job. I have a new computer…that’s exciting. It’s so high tech, I’m amazed…the only problem it that our distric tech folks made the privelages so restricted I can’t even access anything. Thanks. I have a million times the power as I had last year and no capabilities to do anything.

My room was also reorganized in a way that I dislike, I’ll deal with that tomorrow though.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow or Friday to get into my year 5 predictions…and aspirations…

You waited all summer for this great first post…

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