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Year 4—-> The sky is darkening…

by admin on June 5th, 2007

Well the sun came out….just long enough for the masses to believe they were going to have a dry graduation….now….the clouds, they come back.

I’m listening to Portishead…and hoping that they continue to come back.

I almost flipped out. I had heard one of the kids who was NOT going to get any credits from me was going to graduate. Which, if true, would have been so amazing David Copperfield would be stunned. I checked. The answer is no….but somehow, I think it might be “no” right this minute…and then they’ll push her through…last minute, to avoid the backlash at school. We can’t very well boycott a event we’re already attending.

I’m not sure what’s going down…I just know I’m not happy with the way the last part of this year went. One nice thing, however, I have no jobs at graduation…no videotaping, no music control, just show up and watch. I wish we had the Miss Universe fans here, some of these kids need a good booing. They didn’t make it fairly, and nobody is going to do anything about it.

Well, I am looking forward to Sober-Grad. There’ll be a ton of food there, and if I play my cards right, I might be able to score some prizes too…kids are suckers for a few bucks cash.

One sad part about the threat of rain tonight….the flip-flops and tnak top crowd will have to dress a bit differently. I’m looking for hunting attire…possibly someone wearing a sleeping bag.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how many orange vests, and camoflague suits I see…

The over/under is 5

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  1. Hunting attire? Sounds like Packer fans at Lambeau in November. I’m pretty sure many of them just show up at the game in their blaze orange because they spent the whole weekend deer hunting and had it handy.

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