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Year 4—You do NOT want to mess with the teachers now.

by admin on May 16th, 2007

So the drama continues…I called a couple parents today regarding their children and their children’s lack of effort. Niether were happy with me.
Hey I have kids, and I know how un-fun it is to have a teacher tell your kid is being a doofus. One of the kids needs 3 credits of economics…I’m not sure she’s going to make it. She”s not seeming real motivated. I still have the other young lady who needs 3 economic credits and still refuses to just accept the fact she doesn’t call the shots. That young lady wasn’t at school today…

I have the other young lady who is 7.5 art credits short and has 10 days to finish. She won’t make it. I called her mom, and he mom told me after I said I didn’t think her daughter would make it. “well I just don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Uhm, yes…it is.

“There’s no way she’s not graduating…we’ve got relatives flying in from Hawaii..”

Why do these people always have relatives flying in from Hawaii? I’m serious…so many of our worst behaved students have relatives living in the islands.

Then the lady kept trying to tell mehow sick she was of having to come down and make sure we’re doing our jobs…

I really tried to explain to her how the progression of an art class goes…but she’s not getting it. She finally had enough trying to convince me how I was not going to be able to not pass her daughter…and came into talk to our principal..who suggessted her daughter enroll in a college course for the summer. She got an art packet from our VP to do, which is horrible…it tries to teach every art concept possible in the span of a 40 page packet…with little dinky examples to try. I can’t give credit for that let alone attmept to teach them all to one person, who has limited effort she’s willing to put in.

This is mean, but one of our kids made a pretty good crack on this girl the other day. She was trying to discuss her credits with me…and whining “I’m never going to get done…”
The student asked her, “How many credits you need?”
“Seven and a half in art….”

“Oh you never gonna make it…”

“I know…I’m never gonna get through it…” She said as she went back to her chair. When she left he turned to a classmate and said,

She’s never gonna get through that…maybe, if it were a sandwich she could get through it..”

I almost lost it…one of the funnier things I’ve heard.

Here’s a note to parents. You are your kids parent (I hate to go Dr. Laura on you…really) You need to call and check on them. DO NOT ASSUME your kids are doing well in school…Kids are manipulative…they’re the best at manipulating their parents. I don’t like to call parents unless I have to.

Call your parents teacher once a semester…it’d be awesome for both involved.

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