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Year 4—The wind down.

by admin on May 14th, 2007

I feel like an elephant seal. Seriously. I ate so much yesterday that I’m still recovering. We went out for brunch yesterday for mother’s day. Brunch..if done correctly is a huge assortment of good food. Bruch, also has peel and eat shrimp if done correctly. This brunch was done right. It had more than enough food for me to enjoy. Here’s the list of what I ate…

9 dozen peel and eat shrimp (maybe more)
1 piece prime rib with mushroom sauce
20 large prawns
4 waffles with whip cream and stuff
french fries
7 glasses of orange juice


It got to the point when I was eating the waffles I couldn’t even swallow…I was too full. I just kept chewing.

I hurt a lot afterwards. I took a nap…it didn’t help. I went to my mother’s for dinner. I ate 4 pieces of pizza (I have NO idea how). I ate pie. I hurt more.

I still haven’t processed my food all the way yet. I feel gross. My 3-year old was making pig noises at me during brunch yesterday.

School is winding down…The kids who are not graduating are starting their yearly shut-down of effort….those who are close are trying to step it up…and close to tears at every set back. I don’t joke with those kids. They’re on the edge of total meltdown every day. We’re about 6 school days from the point where the kids who won’t graduate get that final slap in the face from the admin. that tells them…”Sorry It’s not going to happen.’ Then we get the angry students, the angry parents…and the horrible aftermath of having disgruntal kids in class who missed the graduation boat by a few credits.


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