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Year 4- PLEASE, someone, end this year….

by admin on May 3rd, 2007

I will try my best to finish the 2nd portion of my conference mayhem tomorrow. The past 2 days have just been out of control.

Many moons ago, our campus was primarily male. The female students we had were also more male than female. The lack of estrogen on campus was nice. Guys handle their issues. There were occassional fights, sure. Mostly, however, things were smooth…

In the past 3 years our campus has changed…we’re now largely female in population. This rush of ladies has increased the amount of chatter a lot. This new, increased chatter level has increased our gossip level. This new gossip level has increased our girl conflict ratio by a ton.

It’s to the point now where something as minor as a name being spoken will trigger a near riot. Girls, of course, are far better at forming a clique and taking up sides. As soon as one girl speaks poorly of another…it’s on. With guys, if there was a problem, somone got hit…and it was over. Here the drama continues to morph, and keeps coming back day after day. NEw girls fighting over the same issue. They’re loud. They’re offensive. It’s just horrible.

Today it was over juice.

Some girl drank some other girls “‘f*****n juice.” Then they were nearly ready to brawl. The funniest part…the one girl gave permission to the other to drink the juice. She just drank more than she was suppossed to. Game on.

I got a new pencil sharpener today. AWESOME. That made my day. We all broke our pencil tips off and sharpened them again with the new one.

So much drama happened the past 2 days I can’t even recall a specific arguement the girls had. It was just a whole bunch of,

“What the F— did you say?”
“Why’d I hear my name?’
Blah blah blah blah…I didn’t say blah blah blah.
‘Keep my name the f– out yo’ muthaf—– mouth….b—-h’

One girl after a tirade similar to that turned to me and actually said,
‘sorry about that…I just needed to get that off my chest.’

What was I to say? “Uhm, cool…thanks for the apology.”

The girl is the only African American girl on campus…so she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder…and rightfully so. She does get targeted by some of our more whiter trash individuals. I don’t blame our minority students here for being a little racially sensitive. We’ve typically had some pretty degenerate racists here.

OH well…tomorrow is finally Friday. I can’t wait for the weekend. I have no plans, but to be here.

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