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Year 4- Crazy tales…

by admin on May 30th, 2007

6 more days…6 more days. I keep repeating this over and over again. Time keeps slowing down. I hate this time of year. Normally, at high schools, this is the fun time. Kids are all focused, and making the final push to graduate. Here it’s been determined who is and who is NOT going to graduate. Being as we really don’t operate on a class system…we can’t offer to hold someone back for not trying. Most everyone has given up the ghost…they’ve basically started summer. All except a few.

I’ve been moaning for the past few weeks…a few will not die. They are the undead. They keep trying, and trying, and trying to graduate…even when the task seems impossible. The funny thing…some of them are going to make it. A few will make it because they earn it. I think 1 or 2 actually did what was necessary to EARN it. A few have considerable help.

Our VP went in to one particular kids grades and just gave him credits and grades (good ones) for classes he failed. He FAILED a class…then he got an ‘A’ and 3 credits…He can’t do that. The bad part is, we caught him…and no there’s a battle about to be fought. This same VP will come to try and get work for a kid from the easiest source possible…go behind teachers backs to get kids to graduate…he took one of my art kids (who was NOT going to get the 7 credits she needed in art) and foundher work to do…now she’s passed…I only gave her a credit and a half, and I’ve only approved a credit and a half of work. She got 7 though. He went to the other art teachers and “bullied” them into giving her work. He bullies in a subtle way.

I’m a little pissed, because he’s being unethical…and forcing the issue on other teachers so he looks clear. He wants me to be mad at the other lady with an art degree…not him. The point is…he took work, that in his opinion, I was being too hard in grading and forced someone else to grade it.

Credits are appearing out of thin air here. It’s just ridiculous. What it does for our system is show that…if you can’t do the work, or don’t want to. You need to find the right people to do it for you…if you complain enough, you’ll get your way. Then when confronted about the mystery of graduation, it’ll be blamed on the teacher.

I’m just ready for this year to go away. Which is sad…I’ve had a lot of fun this year…and professionally it’s been the most productive as well. It’s just a shame that someone whom I get along with, has gone and cheapend our whole system.

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