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Year 4—-And time, she is a wastin’

by admin on May 22nd, 2007

Seniors have 7 days left to get any credits they need to graduate…or else. I have 7 kids in my class who need credits in order to graduate. 2 will be all that make it. The other 5 are out of time. Once the “deadline” passes, the fun begins. Parents (for whatever reason) refuse to see the dire situation their seniors are in until it’s too late. I bet next week all hell breaks loose. Parents will be in the office, on the phone…just plain angry.

Parents, when your kid is spending grad night on the couch watching Real World re-runs…look lopng and hard at yourself in the mirror then accept your share of the blame. If your kid is not progressing the way you’d like in school…it’s your fault too. Here’s some answers to some questions you might have parent of kid who isn’t going to graduate.

Q: Well I didn’t know they were failing….why didn’t anyone contact me?

A: We send home failure notices 3 weeks in. If you got one and didn’t call us to discuss it…shame on you. If you didn’t get one…ask your rascal child where he put it. It is YOUR child, why not call every now and then to check on them…they attend a continuation school, academics is obviously something they’ve struggled with. Call. Check. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Q: We’ve got family and homies coming in from all parts….they HAVE to graduate! Don’t they?

A: No…they don’t have to. They chose to wait until the last minute to do their work, and you never held them responsible…so they didn’t get it done. Thank you parent….please buy some tri-tip and have a ‘welcome to summer’ BBQ with all your relatives. It’s not like you need an excuse to drink right?

Q: The teachers are too hard on them….there’s no way they can do the work…why is that?

A: I am a fairly difficult teacher…true. Not everyone here is though. We’ve been known to give elective credits here for such things as…giving blood, digging out a tree stump, mowing the lawn, coming to open house…and more. Even in my economics class (which people have the most trouble with) I tell the kids what is on the test, give them study guides to look at, and a whole day to study for the test…plus I give them one retake of a failed test. I make the test so that if you only answer the Multiple Choice, T/F, and matching questions…and leave the short answers blank ( I know, writing sentences is hard work) you can still get a ‘B-‘ Yet, your kid has managed to fail…so either they can’t read…or they didn’t try. Again, check with your kid…intervention might be in order.

In conclusion…in most cases the parents are to be blamed in a big way. Once your kid gets to tthe continuation school stage of his/her academic career…it’s time to babysit them Mom or Dad..they NEED help. They need EXTRA supervision. I heard an interesting statistic the other day. Of the over 130 kids in this district who were sent to the SARB board this year, not one had a family with both parents living together. Not one. The parent who was rearing the child in 90% of these cases was so laden with their own baggage their kids issues fell to the side….or the kid had decided they called the shots and played their parents against each other…causing the parent to give in to the childs demands to prevent them from running away, or moving away.

I hate to be Dr. Laura again, but you are responsible for your kid. Your kids teachers are not their parents. We are not out to intentionally bring your child down. We are not conspiring to destroy your son or daughter. Teachers are here to help, and if you…as a parent want your child to succeed…call.

I have one kid in school. When his work is not sufficient quality, or he gets in trouble…I parent. That means he loses a privelage. It might work. It might not. If it works…great. If not I try again. My son does not run the show. Nor will he ever run the show. I am his parent….not his friend. When he grows up….has a family and a job…then we can be friends and go hang out.

While we’re at it parents. Let’s make this graduation classy. Might wanna save the NASCAR shirt for race day. I know you’re real proud of the skull tat’ on your back…but let’s just keep it covered…for that day. Hey…I know. Natural Ice is cheap…and runs like moonshine in your veins…but save it until you’ve dropped your kid off at sober grad. We don’t need you having the celebration BBQ before the ceremony. We can smell the alcohol on you. Bathing suits are not acceptable attire for a graduation ceremony. I don’t care if you were at the lake all day.
I like Journey a bit too now and then…but please don’t blare it in the parking lot while you finish your Winston ad Hedges.

On second thought, you go ahead parents….you’re keeping me in business.

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