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Year 4- Va. Tech…and WHAT IF?

by admin on April 16th, 2007

Wow. What a horrible thing to happen. I can’t even imagine what the students, faculty, and parents of students are going through. My prayers are indeed with everyone. I’ve watched a decent amount of the coverage so far. It’s sad that it takes a tragedy like this to get people to pay attention to the news, but it’s true. I really don’t watch a lot of news, unless something like this happens. I check the news daily…but as a society, it takes something horrible for us to sit and watch. What has gotten to me so far is the blame being thrown at the police dept. in Virginia.

All the facts are not even out yet, and people are ready to destroy all of the Virginia law enforcement. I’m going to side in favor of the law on this, as of now.

Let’s look at a situation like this. First off, nobody knows what they would do in cases like this. We can say, “damn them…they should’ve locked down the entire campus.” or, “I would have never let someone gun down my classmates without a fight.”

As an educator I’ve been in many, many meetings discussing something like this. “WHAT IF” something like this happened here? I always bring up this point. Planning is nice, but all the planning in the world will not help us when something like this happens. My step-mother was saying how awful it was the police didn’t lock down campus.

Look at the set up of a big University. In some cases, the dorms, where the first shootings took place, are more like apartments. If someone at the nearest apartment complex to you got shot would they evacuate you? Would they evacuate all the businesses near by? Probably not…until they had reason to. The first thing the law officers would do, in my guess, would be to get some of the facts straight. Was this a random killing? Was it some dude pissed at his neighbors for not paying off on a bet? Was it a dude who caught his chick with another man, and got even? A crime like that does not warrant risking potential chaos by evacuating an entire campus that size, which may be over 15,000 people.

The law officer I heard said they were looking for a key witness before doing any major action. In the time after the first shooting I would be willing to guess any person could wander across campus and find a classroom to get in. Ecspecially if they’d planned it. Ecspecially if the cops were investigating another crime. I’ve been to college..and it was easy enough to wander the campus intoxicated (not that I encourage that) without being hassled by a security officer, let alone walk sober with something hidden.

Who is to say that the shooter wasn’t already inside a classroom, minutes after the first shooting, and an evacuatin would have done no good? He chained himself inside the room. In all our school discussions about safety during and intruder on campus we’ve never once considered, “what if the intruder chains himself in the school?” I doubt anyone else did either?

We need to consider to, what happens if the Va. Tech send out an evacuation and a riot ensues? It is possible…that an evacuation, when done improperly, without correct information could trigger a disaster. Then if it had been a huge mess, and the shooting was limited to the dorm…the police would have been idiots for causing a huge mess over a crime that sadly happens a lot in the world.

When action is taken without proper planning, or information…things can go just as badly. What if the shooter was waiting…and had gunned down more people while they ran for it trying to escape the school. What if 50 people would have been shot by the police acting quickly, without all the information?

You have to understand that the police weren’t trying to create a situation where this happend…just the opposite. They just had the misfortune of having something terrible happen while they were trying to do their job.

Take this as an example. You see a dog in your yard. It nips at you (doesn’t bite you). You go inside…consider calling the animal cops…you consider shooting the animal yourself, you consider catching it…holding it, maybe someone lost an animal. Maybe it nipped out of fear? You don’t really know, but if you act rashly, shoot it…it might be a scared pet, who accidently escaped. If you call the animal cops, maybe they take away someone’s pet…and had you caught it…they’d have come out 10 mintues later and taken it home. While you’re deciding what to do about the dog, it bites a kid and seriously injures it. Horrible, of course. It’s not really your fault you were assembling the information before doing something rash? Had you caught the dog attacking someone…of course, you’d deal with it.

I think the cops A) were trying to deal with one issue that they probably thought might have been isolated. B) Were trying to get as much information as quuickly as possible before doing something. A U of Miami football player was shot recently, and I bet it was near campus…they didn’t lock down the U.

This whole event is tragic…nobody is to blame except the dirtbag who had the guns. this is going to trigger discussions at schools nationwide…and it will at our school too…no doubt. You’ll see school start to over react, and evacuate with every murder within 2 miles of a school.

What would happen if this happens at your school? I can tell you…while I would hope I was heroic, and saved people, I would probably hide…or run. I honestly would probably leave people to die in my classroom to save myself. It’s cowerdly, sure…but I have a family that is important to me…I would look out for myself. I think. I might not though, I may be capable of things so heroic I couldn’t even imagine. Nobody knows. The more you plan for something like this, the more likely you’ll be screwed if something out of the plan goes down. I mentioned that I doubt the people had thought about what to do if the class was locked from the inside.

This event was horrible…I just hope we let the people do their jobs. The officer speaking to the public said it was the worst thing he’d ever seen…and now people are on him for “what if’s” and “why didn’ts”

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