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Year 4- The end appraoches….and you will feel my wrath.

by admin on April 11th, 2007

I’ve got something that’s bugging me. It appears a few kids here are under the idea that they can procrastinate and then I’ll bend over backwards to accommodate their attempts to graduate. Let’s get this straight. When you need 5 credits in my class… and it is the only thing keeping you from graduating… then I pretty much call the shots.

There’s a kid who is currently driving me CRAZY. She won’t stop talking… then she gets mad at me if I tell her to shut up. The comedy is she tries to do it in one of those ways where it appears I was misunderstood in my assessment.

[Captain] Hey… .be quiet.
[Yak Yak] I wasn’t talking…
[Captain] No, you were..and you need to stop.
[Yak Yak] I was listening to ——. He was telling me something.
[Captain] You need to be quiet. You were talking TO him. Shit up, or you’re going to move.
[Yak Yak] Gosh. I wasn’t even annoying you.

(Did you notice that little suggestive reasoning tactic? Her telling me how I should feel. I noticed it.)

[Captain] You weren’t annoying me? How do you know this? Did you ask me? Because before I told you to shut up, I checked with myself and was pretty confident you WERE annoying me. Now you get to move.

This was 2 days ago. She moved back yesterday. Then I moved her again. Then she moved herself again. Telling me she’d get less done if she had to sit by herself… because she’d get too distracted. Then she has the nerve to ask me if she can sit in 4 of my classes to work on the stuff she needs, so I’ll help her.

No. No. No. This is where I have to draw the line. When you treat me with disrespect, and have the nerve to ask me to go out of my way to help make sure you can graduate. I have a problem with that.

Now, you may have been under the idea that your teachers always wanted the best for you… and 98% of the time they do. In those 2% situations where you’ve treated them poorly, I can assure you, they take great joy in failing you, and sometimes… they might even root against you. I won’t go out of my way to make sure this girl doesn’t graduate… no way. If she passes the required amount of work… she’ll get the grade she earns, and graduate. I will, however, not go out of my way in the slightest to help. I’m not going to let her work in any of my other classes. If she wants to do the work, she has to be enrolled in the class. I won’t give her any extra retakes of tests.

This will be one of those life lessons learned the hard way. I hope. I’m sure a lot of long time readers remember 4 years ago when we had a kid (That Kid) who wasted my time for decades then tried the last 2 weeks to get work to complete so he could graduate, I laughed at him, and told him no. Our VP went behind the staffs back and gave him work to do… and he ended up graduating.

I fear something like that may happen again. In addition to this kid, there are about 4 others who are close to graduating, yet have slacked off in certain subjects so long they can’t avoid it anymore. Now they’re forced to cross that bridge… and frankly, the teachers are less than sympathetic.

This creates a standoff of sorts. The kids get frustrated because the teachers won’t bow down and let them graduate…they go complain to the administration how unfair life is, and try and get an alternative way around their class work… whether it’s packets to take home, or whatever. Eventually, administration will come in and say something like, “Don’t you have anything we can give him/her to just get her/him out of here?,Aeu

Administration doesn’t realize fully, in most cases, that the kid has worn out their welcome and doesn’t deserve any breaks. Then we get in this mess between the teacher, principals, and kid. Because, why would you want to make someone 4 credits away from graduating come back the following year?

Because they deserve it. That’s why.

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