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Year 4 Easter Break Updates

by admin on April 2nd, 2007

I still didn’t get that job.
I’m still mad about it.
To be fair…I’m equally as mad at myself as I am at them. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up so high. Deep down, I knew better. This district has failed to be logical, or loyal to its employees for 10 years…WHY would they start now. I knew better.
Think of this. If you were in charge of a school, and someone told you. I have an art teacher for you. They have 10 years experience. 3 at a conventional high school. 7 working with the most difficult types of students available. They have the highest percentage of students accepted to the juried art show for the area of any high school, continuation or otherwise based on their numbers. Last year their student won best of show in the competition. They have class sizes of 20-29. They are in the running for teacher of the year for the state of California continuation schools…which numbers over 1,000. Would you want them?

I’m being kind of smug here, but those are pretty sweet stats for a teacher. That’s what made me mad. There was no respect for what I’ve been able to do with what I’ve got. They’ve got to fill that job anyway. Basically they’re saying they can do better that me. Most likely someone with 1/4 the experience, and no track record.

I know what the people in charge would say. They’d say, “Don’t take it personally.”
Just a heads up…telling someone to “Not take it personally.” is a sure fire way to make sure they take it very personally. Now not only do I feel like I got jobbed out of a position I could, and should have…but I’m pissed about it too. Add into it the fact I’m hyper competitive about stuff like this…and now whoever they hire over there is stepping into a fight. I hate to be like this to someone whom I’ve never met…but the district brings it on itself. You asked for it chaps.

Even though the teacher of the year award will probably go to someone in So-Cal…It would be funny to win it, just to see how awkward the district was when they had to answer questions as to why they didn’t bring me over there after I won an award like that.

I play softball tomorrow night with a couple of the interviewers. I like them fine. I just, like I said…feel that they weren’t exactly forthcoming with the circumstances surrounding the process of my transfer. If I stand no chance, tell me. Don’t make me waste my time. I really could have spent a lot more time thinking about other things. When I walked in that room I felt like I had no chance. Body language says a lot. This meeting wasn’t about anything other than a required formality.

Oh well. Even though moving on has been tougher than I thought…I’m going to still work as hard as I have, be appreciative for my job, give the kids I face each day the best I can, and work on building a program…not tearing one down.

And on a brighter side…Year 5 will be here before you know it.

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