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Year 4- Conference Day 1

by admin on April 30th, 2007


I’m back. What a weekend. In order to properly retell my tale, instead of doing it diary style, I’m breaking it down into sections. I kept really poor notes… so trying to push a time on a specific event would be useless.

Let’s do this.


The end of the day seemed to take forever. Many teachers were gone early to the conference, or just took the day off. Thankfully, many kids also took the day off. It still didn’t prevent me from having a run in with my favorite student… who tried to tell me she had special instructions from a medical professional that prevented her from having tests… they call it a 504. I asked to see it. She doesn’t have it anymore. “Then it doesn’t apply.,Aeu I told her. She wasn’t happy. After failing a test she went out to wander the campus. She tried to ask me, ” If I had a note from home, could I do all my work outside.,Aeu


This didn’t set well, so she went to the office to vent. She has long sense worn her welcome out in that part of campus too. Our principal was more than ready to leave, and dealing with her wasn’t on his list of things that needed done. When she told him “I’m not twelve, you can’t treat me like a retard.,Aeu He fired her out for 2 days to think about her choices.

After one brief stop at my house to grab my laundry that wasn’t done in the morning, and another stop to pick-up a co-worker, I was finally on my way south. My coworker is a very fun lady to talk with. She’s into “geocaching,Aeu. This involves a GPS unit, and a lot of spare time. You put in coordinates for a location… usually in the middle of nowhere… and when your GPS gets close to this location… it beeps and you start to search the area for a “geo-cache,Aeu. A geo-cache is varied size container placed in a hiding spot by someone with spare time… filled with a visitor log, and extra space for trinkets. When you find the cache, you sign your name… take a trinket, and leave behind another.

On our way south we found one. It was hidden in a tree. There was also an angry nesting bird in said tree. When I reached in to grab the cache, I got a fly by… I almost wet myself. While we were on our way back to the car a CHP decided to stop and see what we were doing. He was NOT very friendly.

“What are you doing on the freeway?,Aeu He asked.

“We’re geo-caching… it’s a thing you do with a GP–” my co-worker started to say

“IN 10 words or LESS what is it you are doing here?,Aeu Responded the cop, with his hand on his pistol.

Neither of us had time to count our words before responding… so we apologized for parking on an off ramp, and trekking through the brush… and promised not to do it again.

This took more than 10 words.

I was happy to see that the CHP officer was more interested in us parked on the off-ramp than the guy with the obviously broken down car 200 yards away on the freeway, Gotta keep those priorities straight.

We arrived in Sacramento (finally) at 5:45pm


I got in, stood in line for my room key… my VP was too busy, I guess, to grab me one too when he registered. Our room was on the 25th floor. This is important. One elevator was not working. This is also important. The other three worked, but were very slow.

After I dropped off my stuff, I changed into something more professional for our evening meal… grabbed a cold beverage from our room. Being as I didn’t have a key waiting for me when I arrived, I figured my VP owed me a cold beer. I noticed there were 3 or 4 empty bottles already in the room. I guess he partied a tad the night before.

Down stairs, outside the conference center our VP, Principal, Superintendent (who was our keynote speaker), and teachers were already waiting. The super bought everyone but me a drink. To his credit, I wasn’t right there when he did. Maybe he didn’t see me. I went to buy another beverage… $7 for a beer. No. I don’t pay that much for a beer, even at a baseball game. I walked down the street 2 blocks, bought 6 for $8. That’s a good deal.

Everyone laughs at me for walking down the road for a beer. They all ask me for one of my cheap beers within 15 minutes. I have a feeling this is why I’m teacher of the year.

Dinner is very good. It’s buffet style. Lots of food.

The evening begins… we raffle off some gifts. Our keynote speaker, talks to us. You need to know, as far as all the teachers here feel, our super does NOT like our school. We rarely get recognized for accomplishments. He forbids us from transferring, he’s said to people who work here that basically we’re inferior educators. He’s moved our campus 4 times. I would say, I honestly believe he thinks very little of us. Now he’s speaking to a room full of 500 of us.

I learned some things. It seems our graduation program is his favorite in the district. We can’t remember if he even attended last year. He’s never spoken at one. He leaves the second it’s over. I usually act that way at my favorite events. He pays a lot of other compliments to us. This is the first time our staff has heard a lot of this information. He tells a joke we’ve all heard many times before at other district functions.

Finally it’s over… and the real evening can begin. There’s a DJ, and dancing. The DJ, it turns out, is also a professional cattle auctioneer. He auctions off some gift baskets. Nobody has any clue what he’s saying. He gets about $100 a basket… not a bad price, except he started at $100.

After the “auction,Aeu I leave to go up to the room, put my shorts back on, and take a pee.

If you don’t remember what I said about the elevators… go back and re-read it. I’ll wait.

(waiting… )

Ok. I wait forever for the elevator to get to my floor… .everyone else is headed up to change as well. The elevator stops on every floor up… and again on the way down.


I finally get to the top. I REALLY have to pee now. I scamper down the hall to my room. I insert my card key into the door… .and… .nothing. I insert my card key into the door again, and… .nothing. I insert it… nothing… again… .nothing… .again… .nothing. I’m kicking the door… .inserting the key… .and… .nothing.


I know I can’t wait for the elevator again. I go into the stairwell. I look up. I look down. No people. No sounds of people. I pee, just a little. Try to relieve a bit of the pressure. I’m not a huge fan of peeing in public… or in a hotel stairwell. I kid you not, my wife, before I left, told me… ,AeuDon’t pee yourself,Aeu

I go back to the door… try again. No luck. I try several more times. My key is NOT going to work. Back to the stairwell. I check up and down again. No people. I finish peeing. Pee is running down the pipes 25 floors. NICE.

We had asparagus for dinner.

After I pee the stairs… I go down to get another key.

25 minutes later I’m back up in the room… changing… and heading out to go see what a few coworkers are doing. We decide to go Geo-caching. Why not? Downtown Sacramento it bustling. There is a band playing in front of the Imax. Some gay guy with a mo-hawk is doing the hibbity-dibbity on the stage. We walk around for awhile… looking for a cache at the capital. 5 CHP cars pull in. I have my 10 word excuse ready. I guess they’re looking for someone else. Either way we decide it’s probably better to leave. We all go back to the room have a cold one… and at about 12 I call it a night.

I’m getting up at 5am to go take photographs.

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