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Year 4- Conference approaching

by admin on April 24th, 2007

Friday the annual conference will be upon me. I will teach a full day before I depart for a weekend of educationally filled mayhem. I will be speaking this weekend, so all of my fans who want autographs…please have your item and sharpie out and ready…I will be busy. I will be keeping a running diary of the weekends events…and i’m going to make it extra good this time. I’m posting pictures. I’m bringing my camera and I will take pictures. I will of course, try and protect the identity of those who deserve it. If the hotel has internet set up, I will make live posts from the event.

This years event should be full of unintentional comedy. We are making a demonstration on the capital building steps. Oh how fun. It’s not a protest, but a “thank you” to state officials. I don’t get this. I am setting up the audio equiptment. I am told that everything is “ok” I forsee State troopers involved in some way. I am not getting cuffed and stuffed for a stupid rally.

We are 2 days into the last session of the year. I’m pumped. The last session, for whatever reason is always exciting. The energy level returns, and everyone enthusiastically pushes for the finish line. I have one of my “favorite” students 4 periods in a row…she only need MY class, and I am stuck with her until she completes all the classwork, or until I give in and just give her the credits. That won’t happen. It will be fun to see if she makes it.

I’d like her to, but I won’t cut her any slack…after the way she’s tried to play all of us here to bend to her will. She needs to know…she does NOT call the shots here. If that lesson means she doesn’t graduate, then so be it.

She needs to be here, be quiet, and do what she is told. She was 20 minutes late today, which does NOT help her cause.

6 weeks left….6 weeks left.

There’s no place like summer, there’s no place like summer….

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