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Year 4- 4/20

by admin on April 20th, 2007

What kind of continuation school teacher would I be if I didn’t get on and wish everyone a happy 4/20. It’s the unofficial holiday of continuation schools everywhere. Usually we don’t have a very high turnout on 4/20 (did you get the pun in there…) Today the number were low, but not so low I could sleep. I was a little bummed.

Today was also grading. It’s funny. Kids could care less about every warning you give them all session long, until today…then they ask about their status in my class, and flip out when they find out they’re getting a D.

I have one girl who cannot see how my grading policy makes ANY sense. Let’s see if you the reader can comprehend…

I give credits based on in class participation (in art) If you’re working on a very complex project and it takes you 4 weeks…you’ll get 2 credits. I base my letter grade on quality. I don’t accept C work. It’s B or higher. The kids all know this. The logic is this. A kid who slacks off all session, and works on a project over the last weekend can only get 1/2 credit max…they wasted too much time. They could do a great job, and earn an A on it though. A kid who works really hard all session, and finishes one project can get max credits and an A. A kid might try and turn a project in done crappy. I don’t accept D work…so this way they can’t just pull the old, ‘just give me a C I don’t care’, schtick.

The girl in question tried turning in D work today…I said no it’s not done. She of course said, ‘Just give me a C- I don’t care.’ I had to reply…it’s NOT C- quality work.
She tried to tell me to, ‘just give me an incomplete, and I’ll finish it later.’ That also doesn’t work. She missed 10 days in 1 session. She spent another 10 days barely working. Her session is complete. A complete failure. I gave her a D and a half credit. She is NOT happy. She told me she was going to ‘flip the f*** out on me.’

Go right ahead.

I had other people upset with me today. I’m sorry I ruined their 4/20. I like the kids who side with me. The ones who say, ‘yeah you dumb a**, you didn’t do anything, you KNOW the Captain wouldn’t accept that crap…deal with it. I got an F.’

A couple of Va. Tech related notes.

1) Our VP who has a knack for really politcally incorrect jokes. I’m actually seriously shocked he hasn’t been in trouble yet. Anyway, a staff member has a son who is applying for colleges, and having trouble getting accepted…and the VP dropped a, “He could apply to Virginia Tech, I hear they have some openings.” line on the staff room. Needless to say, he got told. I think my comment was, “Wow dude, I really thought you couldn’t get any more inappropriate with your jokes…that trumped all of your others. You’re a dick”

2) Continuation schools, are essential for exactly this reason. I’m not saying that if the kid had gone to a continuation school he wouldn’t have gone off like that, no way…BUT Schools like ours are here for a reason. We are full of kids who don’t fit in at other high schools. Kids that get picked on. Kids that are loners. Those kids come to our school, and a lot make friends, find a niche, find a teacher or two who treat them like they’re someone. They get away from the jocks, and cheerleader types…who stereotypically seem to be the ones who pick on them.
It’s nice to see kids you know would be outcasts at the other school, fitting in, and opening up at a school like ours.

In other news. I got a great evaluation this year. all 1’s and one 2. 1’s are the highest score. I doubt anyone gets all 1’s…in fact, he said nobody else had as many. It made me feel good. He also said he was sorry, but happy I didn’t leave to the other school. He really wants me at this school, because he knows what I can do. He mentioned that I had proven him wrong about what he thought I could do, and what I actually do.

That was good.

have a good weekend everyone.

7 weeks left.

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