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Year 4—RESPECT Find out what it means to me.

by admin on March 30th, 2007

Well. Today was interesting. My day began with “the interview,Aeu I’ve discovered I hate interview. I just have a difficult time really conveying my point. I thought I did ok when I was finished. I guess, I didn’t do very well, however. It took only a half a day to call me and tell me they chose NOT to let me come over.

I’m willing to admit, I’m not perfect. There is always something I could do to improve. Like I’ve also mentioned, our district isn’t right in their methods. They always think there is someone better out there. Yeah, I would agree, unless you’ve just won teacher of the universe… there probably is a better candidate out there…somewhere.

I’m mostly mad at myself for thinking that things might have changed. I thought this time they would look at the facts. BUT I felt like the minute I walked in there my fate was sealed… without even sitting down. It’s sad too. I felt like I would have really done well there. I had excitement for that job. I wanted to make their art dept better. Now? I just want to kick their ass every year. I’m saying it now; I won’t ever willingly transfer over there. They can pretty much kiss my hindquarters. I called over to talk to their art teacher, who was in on the interview. I like her. I think like she might be able to give me some idea on what was really going on. It just didn’t feel right.

Look. One of my students won best of show in the high school art show… and I’m pretty sure I had SOMETHING to do with that. If you look at the percentages, my kids are better than any other high school in the area as far as acceptance into that show. I would like to think that if I had 400 kids as opposed to 80 a year I would get 20-30 pieces in the show… .not 8. I guess winning teacher of the year means nothing… even though they mentioned it in the district newsletter. See… qualifications wise, I have the goods. I get results… they could come in and SEE that. I’m taking the kids they GAVE UP on and turning them into successful art students. That’s something. If I can take their rejects and turn them into something…what could I do with their “good” kids?

We have a stigma in this district. Continuation school= Inferior Students, and Inferior instructors. Add in some personality conflicts with the district office, and I could have crapped a solid gold budget full of raises for everyone and they wouldn’t have moved me.


My main point is… be honest. All I want is that they say, “Hey… listen just so you know, we’ve been instructed to say that no matter WHAT you say, we’re going to see what else is out there.,Aeu I wouldn’t have wasted my damn time. Because guess what happens. Take note of this if you happen to run a school, or district.

When you treat your employees with disrespect, and thoughtlessness, you get it right back. I’m going to try and be professional to those administrators on the interview board… I play softball with them… but honestly, I lost some respect. If they were given an order from higher up… fess up. Why ruin your standing with someone for someone else’s agenda? I wouldn’t want someone to hate me because I was following orders I didn’t agree with. If you think I’d do a crap job, say so. Let me prove otherwise. Just say it, “Hey we think you might have a poor classroom management plan.,Aeu

The whole thing just stinks of dishonesty. I’m going to find out some stuff though. I do appreciate the principal actually calling me this year, but still. The body language of the people in the interview was that of people who KNEW it didn’t matter. I think one dude was writing notes to himself about things he needed to do later.

I feel good though knowing where I really belong… and I had a good day despite that morning of trauma. I enjoyed my classes, told some funny stories, and reaffirmed my position to be here, and be successful.

I’m going to work the remainder of this year at trying to solidify my program for next year, as well as try to work at not being a jerk to those people. I saw a few people at the other school who told me that they hoped I’d be back… and that it would be great to see me again… and that was good… it’s just too bad that people who are supposed to be here for the best interest of kids, aren’t.

That being said, I earned my week off.

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