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Year 4 Day 154- Back from mini-vacation

by admin on March 14th, 2007

I’ve returned. If taking two days off to spend wandering around the wilderness with my camera is considered vacation…then I’ was on vacation.

It’s good to be back, but, if I had known how poorly behaved the kids would be today, well, I’d have taken more time off. Damn.

Missing two days is all the time needed to untrain them from the way I’ve set up. Crap was lost from my desk. Work wasn’t done. Paper was everywhere. It’s like I’d never been here. The kids were out of control today. I seriously wanted to smack a few of them…not too hard, but hard enough to let them know I meant business.

The whole time I was trying to go over the work they did while I was gone one girl was insane.

[Girl] OHHHHHHH I’m not going to get this? WHAT? I don’t get that? WHAT? HUH? HUH? OOOOOOOOOOH I don’t understand? OHHH…. Hey —– Did you go by my work yesterday? cuz, I was totally not there? yeah? Totally…..I’ll be there…that will be so coool! What? huh? OH I don’t understand what you just said?

[Captain] Well, if you’d seriously, shut your mouth, stop jabbering at everyone who will listen, and concentrate…you might get it.

[Girl] I can’t. I try. I totally wrote it down, but I can’t understand it…I’m trying. Seriously…I just didn’t get what you said. I w- (turns to neighbor) Huh? Totally…I was THERE! dude no, I’ve got to work… Wait…What? I didn’t get that…I don’t understand!!!

UGH. I had 4 kids like that today…all “trying” to get the work they missed while I was gone. but trying to engage in side conversations while I explained it. Then, they would complain about not hearing what I said.

My computer was dust today. I won’t work. I couldn’t open ANYTHING. It just sat there looking at me. I just put in a work order, which may never get filled. In the mean time I took one out of the computer lab. Really, I could care less. Those computers are virtually brand new, and hardly ever get used other than to surf myspace via outside proxy. It is far better used here, even though I have no rights to save anything on any hard drive, or install any program I need…it’s still better.

The fact my computer broke, and can’t even listen to music anymore angered me more than I can even write. I almost threw it out a window.

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