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Year 4 Day 131—-Speaking of…

by admin on March 19th, 2007

Well I just submitted my speaking session agenda. The Captain will be speaking at the conference. Given that I’ve turned in my request to transfer this may be my last conference.

I’m sad.

I guess, given this set of circumstances, I should make the most of it. I’m still not planning on being sent to the other school, even though I want to. This district has baffled me in the way they do things for a long time. Just because I want to go, and just because I’ve heard that this is my best shot at going, I wouldn’t be shocked if I ended up teachinf art at the Jr. High School.

I’d scream if that happend. I’d make the best of it…and I’m sure there would be a lot of stories worht writing, but it wouldn’t make for much of an art program.

The kids have been acting like fools for the past few days. It’s because of the weather, and the proximity to the end of the year. At continuation schools, we get “senioritis” about 3 months before school actually gets out. Senioritis is not only for seniors either, every grade level gets it here.

I don’t have it, but for the first time this year, I’ve been really anticipating the end of the year. It could be because I’m kind of excited at the possibility of moving on. It’s also because the kids have just been defiant little buttholes.

They ask to use the phone, and I tell them, ‘no’ then they get mad at me. Look….kids, if you fail to plan your day accordingly, it’s not my fault. I so dislike being the bad guy for someone else’s problem. It’d be like me trying to bet on a basketball game that already went off the board, then getting mad because they wouldn’t let me.

It’s been extra hard to get the kids focused on working. The kids are all on different assignments. The admin. is putting kids in classes strictly because they need units for other classes, and there isn’t space for them in other rooms. The kids all think that it’s my job to provide them with the work they need, when they need it.

[Kid] I need 3 credits of economics work
[Captain] Take economics.
[Kid] No, like, I need it this session.
[Captain] oh…take economics…this session.
[Kid] I can’t. I have to take other classes. Mr. ——- said to come tell you and you’d give me the work and I could do it at home.
[Captain] oh…he did. Wow. That’s mighty nice of him.

This is a big problem we have here with being consistent. They want more learning in classrooms, more direct instruction, more teacher-student interaction, connections to the real world. OK.

Then someone is told bscially. “No, just get the work, do it as fast as possible, who cares if you retain anything, just get it done…and graduate.”

Excuse me for believing my subjects are important. SO important that I don’t believe you can fully grasp them as you should, in a week, without my help. It’s impossible. When I don’t just cave in and give them work, or an easy way out, they get mad at me…like I’m the villian for not letting them graduate quickly enough.

One girl was all bent out of shape because I wouldn’t “work with her” SHe had a job, so she “couldn’t” go 6 periods. She had another class she “had” to take the period I had economics. I was suppossed to let her take economics during my art class, or in such a way that she wouldn’t have to take any tests.

uhm, no..

I wouldn’t be shocked if we just started giving kids diplomas for breathing.

The way these past few days have gone, I’m going to need another day off soon. If Easter break wasn’t around the corner, I’d take a day this week. I think I can make the final push though. I’m just afraid that once I find out I’m headed elsewhere next year, I’ll really be putting it in cruise control.

I wouldn’t really, but it’ll be harder to stay focused that’s a fact. I’ll miss this place. There’s something special about working at a place that terrifies 90% of the teachers out there. Lots of teachers talk about how “easy” this place is. They talk about it like it’s a Palm Springs golf retreat. “Oh, that continuation school…that’s a cake walk…they barely have any kids…they don’t even work as many hours in the day…”

When it comes down to it though…many of them have had chances to travel over here, and find employment, yet, none of them ever do. I was happy last week that an honors teacher got the “opportunity” to take on a day here. He’ll never be back. He was terrified, and lost. He had no concept of how to interact with kids who were reluctant to learn.

I just had this awesome conversation with someone on the phone.

[Captain] Hello…
[Phone Lady] Uhm yeah, so I’m thinking I’m going to go tomorrow.
[Captain] O—–k…..
[Phone Lady] Yeah, I wasn’t thinking I would, but I’m going to go…what time shoudl I be there.
[Captain] Go where?
[Phone Lady] You’re not doing the college thing? I may have the wrong person.
[Captain] Yeah, you might, I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

I have a hard enough time remembering what I’m suppossed to be doing…so when something like that happens, it freaks me out…because, I very well may be forgetting somethig.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    I tried several times to bet a game after it was taken off the board….the lady at the counter kept getting more upset and finally threw some drink coupons at me.

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