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Year 4 Day 130- The Captain will take your ipod, and beat you like drum if you have a problem with it.

by admin on March 8th, 2007

Wow. I just read about that teacher who had his neck broekn for taking some kids ipod. Just for the record. If I ever DID take a kids ipod…and he had beef over it…well I have another pair of shoes….so I can wait while they have mine surgically removed from their a$$. In other words, bring it.

I won’t be here Monday or Tuesday next week. I’m taking some much needed me time. I haven’t lined up a sub for MOnday yet. Gambler, if you’re ready…you could have them. Granted, we don’t pay a lot…but wouldn’t it be worth it to run a diary of taking my classes for a day…and get paid? Monday.

I started a new home school kid…I’ll just refer to them as “homies” now. It sounds better. I’m kind of dissappointed in my homies so far this year. They’ve both been really good kids. Normally I get the manic ones with bipolar disorders…not now. I have the ones with legit illness. It’s sad. I like them. I actually want them to recover.

Honestly, I enjoy the freakazoid kids, with anger issues…I hope they never get better. It’s good for me financially, and good for the school. When the kids are good kids with bad conditions…I feel bad hoping they stay ill so I can get paid. Please give me Ron Artest.

The good kids also (no shock) have decent parents, who care. I don’t get the houses with random crack heads asleep on the couch…or the pet black widows. I’m really quite distraught over this. These kids have nothing interesting to say about them. They’re sick. They’re behind in school. They like school. They like me coming over to help them.

ooooooh, how interesting.

Blah. Give me back my mental patients.

My new classes are decent. The problem with kids here is that they have zero self control. That’s why they’re here. I say something in economics, and it practically breaks out in a riot.

[Captain]a Trade-off will happen any time someone is trying to refigure their budget. If they put money in one area, they need to either make more money, or switch it from somewhere else…it happens in the government too. They either need to cut a program, or raise taxes.

[Kid 1] Would it be like trading cars? if we trade too many cars, we won’t have any more oi-?

[Kid 2] DUH…you’re a f*****g dumb a**!!!

[Kid 1] f*** you.

[Kid 3] That’ not IT!!! it’s like what he just said…putting money somewhere else….not cars he didn’t SAY CARS!!!

[Kid 1] I Know dumb s***!! I was trying to get a different example, if you’d shut the F***! UP an let me finish.

[Kid 4] YEAH shut the f***!! up!! let the Captain finish…

[Kid 5] WHy don’t you ALL shut the f*** up!!!!

It goes on for about 4 minutes longer…almost every time. I appreciate their enthusiasm to participate in discussion, but they just don’t think before they speak.. They think out loud. Very bad in most cases. The kids really want to try and “get it” but they don’t know how to properly word a question, let alone watch their classmates try and explain it.

These kids usually get the concepts…they just take 4 times as long to explain it…and when explaining it is out loud…then other people get mad…and vent out loud. Which leads to mini chaos.

I can’t wait for each day though…it’s awesome.

Today as some girl was leaving after a confrontation like this near the end of class (she was from another class, just trying to ask a question from the previous class….which goes to show how awful it is. Kids can’t even wait after to ask a question without someone from a different class going off on them.) Their exchange went something like this,

[boy ] Why don’t you go suck a d***
[girl] OOOOH real mature you f***** a**hole.
[boy] f*** you loud mouth b****
[girl] grow up
[boy[ go suck a d***
[girl] no, you grow up.

and it went on like that until I told them I had a transcript of their conversation I was going to read to the principal if they both didn’t grow up and shut their mouths.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Much needed time off? Those back 2 back three day weekends were a bit too rough on you huh?

  2. The Gambler permalink

    If you are looking for an interesting new home-school student, I am in need of tutoring on my wagering abilities. Maybe you can find some games that I could circle harder.

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