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Year 4 Day 100 and something- Moving on…

by admin on March 16th, 2007

Well I did it. I officially put in my request to transfer. 4th period I looked at my class, watched them there, apathetic and annoying…and it hit me. I needed to get out. I’m not going to be mad if they don’t move me….but today, again, I was told…”If you want to go back there, there’s a real good chance you’ll go.”

It just seems like the time. There’s some disadvantages to it…but, overall, I think it’ll be better for myself…and for the program I’d like to develop. Now I just wait to see….

I think the past two years having put in the efforts, and got our students artwork recognized helped a lot to let people know I’m a good teacher.

If I do move…what will happen to this site? I haven’t decided yet.

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