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Year 4- 8 weeks left.

by admin on March 27th, 2007

The transfer is in progress. I have not been “allowed” to trasnfer yet. I have an interview to see if I can transfer. This part of the whole process is lame. The process is suppossed to be informal. Funny, but having 4 people sitting in chairs, asking me questions, is NOT my idea of informal.

Here are the elements to consider, so you’ll know what I’m dealing with in my request to transfer.

1. I am the only one who applied to transfer.
2. The district is poor, they really can’t afford to hire a new teacher, because they have 8 teachers from a closed school to relocate.
3. They can either transfer me, willingly…or transfer someone who obviously doesn’t want to be there, because they didn’t ask to transfer.
4. It is in a school’s best idea to transfer a teacher who wants to be there and feels like they’ll do a better job, then it would to transfer someone against their will. I’m obviously not transferring because I want to run their art program into the ground.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with a solution.

I introduce myself, they welcome me…Transfer complete. It should be that simple. Now, the fact our district, for whatever reason, has decided there is ALWAYS a better option out there over using your own teachers, and that personality issues between teachers and higher ups who don’t even work at a school, warrants not letting them transfer… because that happens, anything is possible.

BUT, as oppossed to the last time I tried to transfer. I don’t care. If I’m here next year. Cool. If I’m there next year, cool. Yes, I would like the opportuninty to raise my standards higher, and concentrate just on art. Yes, I would like to be involved in a school where college is a real possibility for graduates. However, if they let petty crap influence their choices, then I will not be offended. I will happily return here, and keep kicking their behinds at art year by year.

So I have my meeting Friday morning. It should be fun.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    It’s a good thing you aren’t looking to transfer over as a grammar or spelling teacher.

  2. Captain permalink

    Well if you have an issue with my grammar and spelling, please, feel free to edit my posts. I really don’t have time, and due to the fact my computer is older than dirt…it’s too time consuming to edit with spell check here. Either you can email me with any errors I need to fix, become an editor for me, or deal with it. Me becoming a grammar teacher is about as likely as you becoming a professional gambler.

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