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Year 4 Day112- Grills.

by admin on February 8th, 2007

Well I know it’s been a while, but seriously, this entry couldn’t be done justice without a drawing. There’s a kid here, who has a “grill” for those of you not street, like me, a grill is another term used to describe a set of fake teeth…usually gold, or covered in diamonds, or platinum.

Rappers wear them to show they’ve got so much crazy cash they can afford to do stupid crap, like put diamonds on their teeth. Rappers do this…not loco white kids from the hills.

Our grill wearer is not gangster, even though he’d like to have the world believe he is. In fact, many people tell him on a daily basis how dumb his teeth look. What makes the whole thing worse is that he WANTS people to see his janky ass teeth, so he juts them out and looks like he has this huge overbite. It’s just dumb.

PLUS, rumor has it, he might be responsible for stealing my chicken bake.

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