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Year 4 Day 123- The Super Bowl of Art

by admin on February 22nd, 2007

I found out yesterday our school won best of show in the juried art competition…which for some of you might not seem like a big deal..but for us art teachers, it’s like winnning the Super Bowl. Today I’m the Tony Dungy of the art community.

It’s the first one our school has ever won…It might be the only one our district has ever won.

I also found out today, I’m NOT getting my own room. I’m sharing a suite with our snorey mouth VP. Yay. I now have to tell my wife, uhm….you can’t come…because I don’t get my own room. I’m pretty pissed about the whole thing. It went from being a cool weekend, to being like going to the dentist, without the cool gas.

2 more days until I leave for gambling day. Let’s not jump to conclusions….I assure the readers, I will probably be involved in the fray somehow…My goals, as was left in the to NOT be lying in my own vomit by the end of the night…or have a lung full of smoke, that I personally inhaled. If I am asleep, and not waking up to puke on the lazy boy, I will consider myself victorious. I just hope I witness more hijinks than I am personally responsible for. I would much rather be the journalist reporting the events than the headline.

I assure you…I’m only roll with very capable people. One dude has eaten pollywogs. For free. He’s that hardcore. The other rmay lose $500 in a 30 minute span, start kicking the crud out of furniture, and cursing at children. Myself, well just go back to the October post, and you know what I’m capable of. I’ve said I’m going to keep it low-key, and I want to…but if you know what I am capable of…anything is possible.

It’s not Octoberfest…but let’s call it FEBTOBERFEST.

stay tuned.

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  1. Congrats! You done taught them kids good.

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