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Year 4 Day 120- Art show.

by admin on February 20th, 2007

Well here’s the news as it’s goin’ down. We got 6 out of 8 pieces into the juried art show…1 of the unaccepted pieces was not one I really wanted to turn in, but the kid was pretty sure he wanted it in…the other that was not accepted was not quite finished…so really 6 out of 8 is good. The other high school in this district got 15 pieces in, which is more than us this year, but…the judge was the former art teacher there…so I would think SOME bias was involved. I’m pleased…I had told myself I would have been happy with 3.

I wish I had turned in more though…

I had the opportunity to look at all the entries though…and I must say..a lot were crap. I know this because when I dropped mine off, the lady said, “FINALLY, pencil drawings with some contrast.”

I hate to bag on other schools artwork, but really a lot of it was dog poop. I wouldn’t have accepted it as being worthy of a grade, let alone entrance into a juried art show.

The captain, may be speaking at the state conference afterall. They gave daddy the rainman suite at the conference, and asked that he pay the membership…he can’t win the award without being a member. I guess I’ll go…I’ll get my own room…not the suite, but MINE none the less.

I might have to bring the old lady down too…I will be keeping a running diary though…believe that.

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