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Year 4 Day 111- Give me back my Chicken Bake.

by admin on February 7th, 2007

I hope you’re happy. Bastard. You know who you are, dirty chicken bake stealer. I went to get my lunch today, and it was gone. G-O-N-E.

I’m not blaming a staff member, but I think the fact they leave the door wide open to the staff room all day invites a kid to come in there and go for someone’s chicken bake. Granted, chicken bakes aren’t the best culinary delight known to lunch…still, it was mine.

2 more days until our basketball tournament. Kids here seem to think we’re going to lose..I haven’t seen so many kids rooting against our team in a long time…normally, they have no idea we even play.

my primary problem is that this isn’t like normal high school basketball. We don’t have a nomral sized gym to practice in, so our spacing is off…I don’t get paid, so I’m not really that in love with the game to donate a lot of my time for free…half our team smokes, so we can’t do anything that requires a lot of running…

The whole thing is silly…and I try not to get too serious about it, or else I’d go insane. I hate losing even when I have the worst team on the planet.

I don’t now, but when kids start telling me how bad we’re going to lose, I get a little miffed..and it makes me want to put more into it.

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