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Year 4 Day 106- Coach Wooden would be proud…

by admin on February 6th, 2007

Session 4 is already half way over… amazing. I’ve had my evaluation, and I’m thankful it’s over. I haven’t had the “official” discussion with the principal yet to go over it, but I’m not worried… I already push myself to be better… and I’m competitive to a fault… so I already work on being better… I told him yesterday, his critique will only be a help… yeah, I was kind of kissing up too…

I think I’m a leper. The whole class sits on the opposite side of the room as I do. There’s 2 empty rows between me and the nearest kid… like a bomb went off. Funny though, The kids who sit near me get a lot better at art a lot faster… because they get constant feed back… and can watch me work, on those days where I draw.

The annual art show is coming up… I’m hoping to get at least 3 pieces in this year… that’d be great… I just haven’t had the amount of work as in the past. 3 of my best art students left… and I haven’t gotten the new kids up to the proper level yet… I do have a few really nice pieces though. I’m still working on the digital photography angle, and hopefully in the next couple years I’ll have that program in place, and ready to start competing against the “digital high school.,Aeu They’re so wack. Yeah I used wack…when you’re the only school with a photography program, it’s easy to get stuff in the show…anybody can walk out and take a picture of a hill. The pictures in last years show were horrid. They sold some of them too…which is even worse. I wouldn’t have paid the Costco printing fee for those pictures…let alone $60 or whatever they sold for. Note to DHS…get your A game ready, I’m coming.

This Saturday is our basketball tourney… I’m a little angry that we get the first game in the morning all the time… it’s ridiculous. I might have to play again, which I’m not against, but our kids can’t even be HERE at 8:30am, let alone on a basketball court, on a Saturday. I like my team… if everyone understands what’s expected of them, and not try to do too much, all should be fine. I think I get 2 comp days for coaching, which isn’t great, but it’s something…

We still don’t have a raise, but rumor is that it’s coming… that’d be nice. I at least like the rumor of a raise, it’s a nice rumor… until the rumor that we’re not getting one comes back around.

The state conference is also around the corner… and the captain will be speaking, in addition to hopefully getting his teacher of the year award… if by some bizarre twist of fate I got state teacher of the year award… well let’s just say there would be a party.

I highly doubt that’s happening.

I will be speaking though, in an informative setting about how to get the most out of your art mules. That’s not the title of my gig, but it’s the basics of the whole thing… and maybe we’ll discuss smoking the green dankie out of watermelons.

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