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Year 4 Day 102- Stumped.

by admin on February 1st, 2007

One of our kids…one of my “favorites” finally has been sent to a parent conference. The funny thing is every single teacher he has marked down that he shouldn’t be at this school. I’ll be curious to see what comes out of that meeting. I told our principal…I don’t have a problem with the kid…as long as he’s not in my classroom trying to learn.

Our Ag teacher has come up with a plan of brilliance for dealing with troubled souls. We have a large stump that needs dug out…and our most troubled have the task of removing it…better yet, they’ve been promised 10 credits if they can get it out. I’ll say this…the trees roots must go down about 200 feet. It was a big tree. I’ve been watching them pound the life out of this stump for 3 weeks now….and it only gets bigger. They’ve made NO progress, but, the kids are convinced it’ll be out any day.

I’m guessing mis to late March when it starts to come out. Then there’s a second, larger stump for them to work on.


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