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Year 4 Day 96- discipline…good gawd y ‘all…what is it good for?

by admin on January 24th, 2007

Well we’re not getting a riase. I think I mentioned that the district over spent by over a million dollars, so in all seriousness, there went our raise. They district has over spent already once by 7 million…now they’ve done it again. I’m not sure how many jobs exist where you can crap your budget by millions of dollars, and still be employed.

I’m also getting sick of our school discipline policy. It’s horrible. There are certain kids here who are always disrespectful, defiant, lazy, unproductive, etc. etc. Yet, they still get to go to school. They’re not even on contracts. WTF? I asked our VP the other day, “WHAT will it take to get this kid kicked out? He doesn’t work. He’s disrespectful to staff and classmates. We want him gone. How many referrals do we have to write him?”

I got no answer. The kid has at least 15 this year. Last year he punched somebody in the face. Some teachers here he’s intimidated. It’s ridiculous. The fact is, he’s Native-American (Which isn’t a reason in itself, there are many Native-American students here…and they all do fine, and in fact, most of them are annoyed by him too.) BUT, our Admin. is afraid of the backlash for getting rid of him. It’s very silly.

Evauluation week is here. I get my “formal” evaluation next week. I’m not afraid. I’m already prepared with my lesson. I expect a lof of good comments, followed by some improvement comments, and things will go fine. I feel like I do a good job with what I have…so it’s not a concern. My problem is that we don’t get to evaluate our Admin. If they can evaluate us…we should in all fairness, be allowed to return the favor.

It seems we were all scheduled for formal evaluations in our largest most rowdy classes. Just funny. I see the point. I will see what they’re really made out of if I watch them in their hardest classes, but at the same time…you see the biggest struggle too…and why would you focus on that? Why not watch people being good?

It frustrates me.

OUr softball season is over. 1-7record. AWESOME. Last place. We got smoked last night 20-8. We’re going to play again in spring…hopefully the warmer weather will be a plus.

Oh well…I’m off.
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