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Year 4 Day 93- Magic Man

by admin on January 18th, 2007


Things are moving well this session. I’m not thrilled by my large class sizes, but I manage. The state conference is approaching in 3 months…and I’m looking forward to that. I have a meeting on the 23rd to discuss the state art funds we got. Funny, but the funds have been sent to districts, and ours still hasn’t told us how much it is…I talked to someone in another district, and they HAVE their money.

I bet we don’t see a penny of it…

I’m getting sick of the bad language here. I use my fair share of colorful vocabulary too, but it’s horrid really is so bad that for some kids it’s become “acceptable vocabulary” they don’t even realize they’re saying the words.

I’m trying to help a couple kids quit smoking. They’ve agreed they WANT to, now I’m working on scaling them back to actually doing it.

I started my first home school student of the year yesterday, and it was really, uhm, dull. The house was normal…no odd individuals sleeping on the sofa, no bizarre projects being worked on…other than the fact it was a long way from town, on a dirt road, it wasn’t anything remotely interesting.

The grandmother was in charge, and she has a warbly voice…that’s it. That’s what I found the most interesting. I’ll look again today, but really I’ve got nothing now. The extra income will be nice though.

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